Friday, December 11, 2015


I've been very proud of myself to not have joined any Sew Along's for a while--and you know I find it hard to resist a Sew Along
And there are plenty of them to resist!
I've resisted the Quilty 365 SAL (an applique circle each day), only because I've already done something similar. 
Several years back, Pat Sloan hosted a "strip" a day SAL for a year. I managed to finish that quilt in time to have it included in her book "Favorite Techniques".
That was fun, but it got a little difficult to come up with a new fabric that felt like a reflection of each day, so I started a Strip Search Box at our guild meetings. If you added strips, you could take strips. I don't think I could have finished the quilt without that Strip Search Box.

And how cute are those tiny blocks from Temecula Quilt Company's "We Wish You a Mini Christmas" SAL on their blog?? I will resist...

Then there's the Moda Block Shuffle. Okay, I have been saving the patterns in a folder on my desktop, but there has been no sewing yet.
  I swear.

And, of course there is the Mother of SAL's--Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery. Allietare has been the most difficult to resist because so many others are showing their progress and it uses scraps and I'm so weak....
I'm also embarrassed that I have two unfinished BH mysteries, so until those are completed, I won't let myself start the latest one--
no matter what....maybe...
But...check this out! The 365 Challenge SAL from Australia.
How about 365 labor intensive blocks--one a day for a year???
 I know some quilter's that have attempted this feat (yes, you Denise!!) but have fallen by the wayside before the year is out.
I know it's crazy, but I am soooooo tempted to give it a try!!
It's definitely a challenge and there is no way I would be able to complete all the blocks in one year, but it would be fun to give it a go, right???
 This SAL begins next year.
How it works HERE

Inspiration (alternate colorways)  HERE

The Facebook page HERE

Happy Birthday block (to be subbed for the daily block if it's your birthday)HERE


  1. oh so tempting! I think I will need to pass though, so many projects going and more in my head - I like that strip one by Pat will need to remember it.

  2. Karen that is really naughty to tempt everyone like that! It is already soooo hard to resist joining in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!! Good luck if you do join in! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  3. Wow! That SAL from Australia is gorgeous!!! I think that falls under "lifetime achievement quilt"! lol! Love the strip quilt in the first pic! The "Strip Search" box is such a cute idea! :-)

  4. I have been wondering what will be new in the sew-alongs for the New Year. I am sure there will be more temptation to come. I don't know that I will participate in this but I signed up for e-mails.

  5. Thanks for sharing this one. It is so beautiful. Can't wait to start. Hugs

  6. Oh, you are a temptress. That 365 SAL is gorgeous. I'm going to go check it out right now. And your "Strip Search" box is a hoot. Your contribution to Pat S. Book is super cute especially with the applique you added.

  7. I think your pretty brave! I pretty sure I couldn't stick with it. Not that it really matters?! I imagine I'd still end up with a nice pile of blocks regardless of when I pooped out! lol, Good luck!

  8. Right there with you!!! I am a sucker for sew alongs too. Though I am a self-admitted failure at them. I either can't wait or I decide to change it up. It's still fun even if you don't follow the rules! I say go-for-it!

  9. You are such an enabler!! I hadn't seen anythings about that last SAL. Wow that looks like fantastic fun!! I will have to think about it - so tempting... What colors would you choose?

  10. What a monster of a SAL that 365 Challenge looks like! Funny how I've learnt about this from an American, that's blog land for you 😀 If you love it I say go for it, I won't be but I wish you all the best.

  11. I've got that 365 Challenge bookmarked, and am thinking seriously about it. Like really truly seriously. Because it looks like the kind of project that will kick my butt - you know, my favorite kind!
    Let's do it!

  12. It is a very tempting one. I saw it earlier at a quilt show here and know a few people who are doing it. Not me, I'm afraid. Too many other things to do.

  13. How very unkind showing that 365 SAL Challenge. I have been forced (lol) to put my name down while knowing it is most likely unachievable. Still....