Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Little Slow Stitching

While digging through my sewing room looking for an elusive pattern, I came across this project. I had abandoned it long ago because I had made the mistake of using the back stitch (as recommended in the pattern) instead of my preferred stem stitch. It takes me so long to do back stitching. I'm never happy with my stitches and keep picking them out. I think the stem stitch is much more forgiving--lol! 

I needed a hand sewing project to work on, so this time I am determined to get all twenty blocks of Aunt Bea's Parlor completed. There were already eleven blocks done, so I have already made some progress. I'm trying to not beat myself up too much if my stitches don't look as perfect as I would like!

I've also completed my One Monthly Goal (except for the label), so I took a little time to set up this month's Hospital Sketches block. This Tennessee Rose is enormous, so the stitching here should go pretty quickly--nothing fiddly to fret about.

I haven't linked up with other Slow Stitcher's for quite a while, so I thought it would be fun to get back into some Sunday sewing....
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Thursday, August 1, 2019

August Goal

It's time to clear a few things off the cutting table, so I've chosen my Wishing Rings quilt to be my One Monthly Goal for August. 
Once I get the corners sewn on this stack of 52 blocks....

...I can add them to the bin of the rest of the units and start sewing them together. I feel pretty confident that if I push myself, I can get these from blocks to a finished quilt by the end of August--that's my goal. Hopefully this month will be an uneventful one--lol!  
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Sunday, July 28, 2019

July Finish

It's a top!
Even though this was a crazy month (leaking washer, electrical range fire), I managed to get my Stonefield's blocks sewn together (my July One Monthly Goal) and, I actually made a decision on the border and finished that as well! 

You may have noticed that there are a LOT of circles in the Stonefields blocks. It made sense to me to repeat that motif with half circles in my much smaller border from the original design.
I also noticed on Instagram that Susan Smith had been using gray stripes in her latest design Fleur, and that inspired me to dig though my stash to come up with this Judie Rothermel Party of Twelve print. Not exactly the same as a gray and white stripe, but it's about time I use this stuff for something! 

In an effort to add more blue to this quilt (an ongoing struggle!), I used my favorite Kansas Troubles Wildflower Serenade print for the stop sashing. The sashing is a bit wider than I prefer, but needed for the outer border math to work out--and it did perfectly--whew! I had to relocate a few blocks (yes, reverse sewing--ack!) to prevent some of the blue blocks from "bleeding" into the sashing--not the most fun thing to do, but it had to be done!

The half circles were all made from block scraps. After making those,  I spent two days sorting though all the leftovers, cutting them into squares and strips.
 My cutting table is cleared--well, sort of--lol! 

Stonefield's was such a fun project--I loved every minute of making it.
 My pattern is now residing in Texas and I hope the new owner gets as much enjoyment from her Stonefield's experience as I did.  There are a couple other Susan Smith quilts on my to-do list (Sweet William and the Rowdy Flat Library quilt) and I think both will be just as much fun!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer Sewing

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I have finally managed to start sewing my Stonefield's blocks together. 

I am changing up the border.
Not only because I am too lazy to make 176 flying geese and 168 hexagon flowers, but because I don't want to make the quilt so much larger. It took a bit of brainstorming, but I think I've come up with an alternate border that may win the approval of Susan Smith and use up some of the leftover fabrics. I hope it works out how I envision it! 

My July Hospital Sketches block is complete--I couldn't  get by without something to hand stitch. 

This month's Cheddarback blocks were a nice mix of super easy and very challenging--good for the brain cells--lol! I redrafted the house block so it could be pieced. Appliqueing the windows never works out for me--they seem to always end up out of line.

Back to my border plotting.....

Monday, July 1, 2019

July Goals

I'm not going to have any lofty goal this month--too much yard work hanging over my head!
I really want to get my Stonefield's blocks sewn together,though. 
I am planning to change up the borders a bit, but for July, I would be very pleased with myself it I could get the blocks made into a top--that's my One Monthly Goal.

In the meantime, my tote of small wool projects seems to be bottomless.....
Here are some closeups of the Primitive Gatherings designs:

If you are familiar with these Primitive Gatherings designs, you probably noticed that I have changed some details (or words). 
These two pincushions are from Cottonwood Creations.
Again, a few minor changes.

The Echinacea flower pin-keep is from the above book by The Cottage at Cardiff Farms.
I have a couple more earmarked--like the sunflower on the cover-- that I would like to make.
(Maybe I have enough already though?)

I love this little mat from Buttermilk Basin--so fun to make.
I have two more Buttermilk Basin Autumn projects that are set up but still need stitching...

This stitchery was designed to be displayed on a wire table top frame.
I'm thinking of adding some embellishing stitches to this one and the next one...

This one has so many layers that I couldn't get some of the wool to fuse together, hence the pins. I recycled the background from a Primitive Gatherings kit that I decided I no longer wanted to make. It's a bit light, so I may be doing a little tea dying later.

I guess all of this should keep me busy in July!
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Monday, June 24, 2019

My June Goal Finish

This was my original backing choice for Cobblestones. It's yardage, so it would have to be pieced, which is okay, but in the end I decided it was a bit too "fancy" for the quilt. 

Then I decided to use this wide back. After I pre-washed it (because wide backs are notorious for lots of shrinkage) I realized it was a huge piece of fabric that would have a lot of waste for such a small quilt. It would make sense to save it for a larger project. 

In the end, I had to face what I knew I needed to do all along--use up all the leftovers from the front of the quilt so I didn't have to file them into my stash. I randomly sewed bits, bobs and strips into a block long enough for the backing and pieced that into a split piece of dotted yardage. 

So this is Cobblestones, my One Monthly Goal for June,  finished.
It's 60" square quilted with an orange peel design. Although the front looks like it's pretty random too, the quilt is put together with three repeating rows. I was lucky I could work on it at quilt camp where I could lay out the rows--it made it a lot easier! 

Maybe I should have spent a little time planning my "random" backing.
At least I don't have to wonder what to do with all the left over fabric.

I just had to cut the check on the bias for the binding--love how it looks! 
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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Not a lot of June progress.....

There's no progress at all on my June goal. I have been dithering on the backing for my Cobblestones top. I just can't decide what fabric to use and I've changed my mind twice already--even after pre-washing one of my choices. 
In the meantime, I was forced to do some "Marie Kondo-ing" when my California Closet literally fell off the wall. So embarrassing. So....I was forced to sort through years decades of clothing (I didn't think I was a hoarder, but....????). 

The worst part was hauling thirty-some bags of clothing downstairs and packing it into my car. What a relief to have it all donated and out of the house! Mr. Moosebay had vowed to sort through his closet if I did mine, but I'm not seeing any progress on that. He did re-install my California Closet and I'm pretty sure it's going to stay in place from now on--fingers crossed--lol!

I have managed to get lots of applique done in the evenings though. The Pineapple block (lower left) is the latest for the Hospital Sketches and it will go beneath the center wreath in the finished quilt. 

Along with the weekly Temecula Wishing Rings blocks, I got part four of Cheddarback pieced. I took the easy route with all the blocks--flippy corners for the bow tie, flying geese for the star, and printed out a paper foundation for the pinwheel sort of block using my EQ8 program. 

The last two parts of Stonefields were loaded with circles! My Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Circles really got a workout. I was tempted to buy another set since there are only three or four of each size in the set. 

The final nine blocks. Now I need to motivate myself to sew everything together! Everywhere there is blue in both groups of blocks was to be pink if I used the kit fabrics. I raided my stashes of French General, Jo Morton and finally used some of my Judie Rothermel Dressing Gowns fabrics. I think there is still plenty of pink in these blocks and even more in the previously finished blocks. 

I haven't done any wool applique for ages, so in desperation to find some kind of hand work to do in the evenings, I dug out a tote of Primitive Gatherings pin cushion kits. Some of these go back years! There are a few Black Friday freebies and some from Lisa Bongean's  book Summer Gatherings. Apparently I bought the kits when I purchased to book? Who knows! The stitching on the three designs to the left is finished. I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to stitch on wool. I have several more projects in the tote, so it should keep my nights busy until I finally get Cobblestones finished and need to stitch on the binding!