Monday, December 2, 2019

December Goals

Remember these pincushion projects?
I had been stitching them back in June and July.
Well, I decided I just did not want to make so many pincushions, soooooo....
I put three of them together in a little wall hanging.
I made good use of my scrappy bins of strips and squares -- there's a little making-do going on too. 
I also just finished English Paper Piecing this little quilt from Primitive Gatherings. It's supposed to have a little wool snowman in one corner, but I am kind of liking it the way it is without the applique.

It's my One Monthly Goal for the month of December to get both of these little projects quilted and bound.
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Sunday, November 24, 2019

November Goal Accomplished!

The first couple weeks of this month were mostly wasted spent getting over a head cold and also recovering from the double whammy of a flu shot/part two of the Shingrix vaccine. Luckily I had lots of hand stitching to keep my hands occupied. I finished stitching up all the blocks for Aunt Bea's Parlor. I think I will take these to retreat in January and sew up these embroideries into blocks.
This Buttermilk Basin block wasn't quite finished when it was set it aside, so I had to time to get it done as well. 
And this Buttermilk Basin block is finally finished too--yay!
In the previous block I used various matching colors of Valdani threads and on the above block I used only one neutral color thread. What do you think? I've never done it before, but I'm kind of liking the one thread color look.
The best part of all this sitting around stitching--my new electrically heated throw--why didn't I buy one a long time ago??? So cozy!

So finally last weekend I was feeling much better and got my November One Monthly Goal loaded on the HQ16.

Very simple quilting--it went pretty fast. 

The next day I loaded up the little wall hanging that was also part of my goal, and got that finished too.
Tuesday was the Breezy Point sewing get together.  I was able to get most of the binding done there--always fun to do some chatting while binding--lol! 

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

November One Monthly Goal

Well, I missed the Halloween deadline to get these pumpkin projects quilted, so for my November One Monthly Goal, I am hoping to get both the wall hanging and the table runner quilted before Thanksgiving. It's still fall, after all! 

I would have had plenty of time for quilting if I hadn't been sidetracked by cute sewing projects I learned about at those retreats last month.

Nancy was making these cute bandana's that fit on a dogs collar. Naturally I had to make one for my pup (okay, I've made three so far).
I'm not sure if Willow is happy about that or not!
You can find the pattern HERE
I used the small size template. Be sure to try it over your dog's collar before sewing the channel-- you can probably guess why I say that--lol!!

Brenda had made an adorable zippered bag from a Pioneer Woman place-mat. Of course, I had to stop at Walmart on the way home from camp and pick up a place-mat to make my own bag.  

 I took pretty deep corners and my bag ended up the perfect size to carry my embroidery project.
Instructions for place-mat bag HERE
These literally take about 10 minutes to make--super easy! 

Linda had brought a tub of decorator fabric so we all could make one of these ruler bags. I waited until I got home so I could use up some old pre-quilted double faced fabric that I've had in my stash (for years!). This bag is just a covered empty bolt cardboard with pockets added on either side and an 18" handle. It's not open at the top, and in fact is closed up at the bottom once the cardboard is inserted. It's very sturdy and perfect for taking those long fragile rulers to class or to just store them in the sewing room. Your local quilt shop will happily give you an empty bolt!  

Instead of packing away the rest of that pre-quilted fabric again, I also made a tote.
Another bin of fabric bites the dust--yay! 
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Monday, October 28, 2019

October Goal Completed!

Whew! I literally put the final stitches in my applique border last night. 
It was so much fun working on the Hospital Sketches BOM.
At first, my plan was to add dark sashings and inner border, but in the end I went with just a simple dark border.
Appliqueing and adding the borders was my October One Monthly Goal.

For the second retreat I attended this month (at my friend Carol's Craft Camp--highly recommended!) I took along lots of blocks to put together. 

In 2013, I participated in a  couple of signature block swaps through Kathleen Tracy's Yahoo chat group. This is the pattern from her book The Civil War Sewing Circle that I planned to use for my block setting.  
Because of the number of blocks I had, I needed to make just 12 Ohio stars for my version. I put together little block kits for the stars so I wouldn't need to haul a lot of fabric to camp. I was able to use every single block from the swap including my own. 

After all that, I worked on my simplest project--the left over pumpkin blocks. This setting used all but one block. I may use the extra block on the back as a label--or perhaps a mug rug? To be determined--!
Then I got a little side-tracked and started playing around with my little scrappy houses, but set them aside to put together my second set of 2013 signature swap blocks. 

As I recall, there were some in the chat group that didn't want to deal with the flying geese in the first block swap. Snowball blocks were offered as an alternative. A lot of us decided to do both swaps. I brought to camp my stash of brown 1.5 inch square scraps and a few pieces of light prints for the sashing. Again, I was determined to use all the blocks, but couldn't fit my own block on the front. It will go on the back for a label. You can probably see that with my sashing, my Snowballs turned into Shoo Fly blocks (an unexpected surprise!), so I will be adding another border to finish off the outside of the quilt into more Shoo Fly's.
Hopefully soon--lol! 
I'm relieved that I managed to finish my One Monthly Goal, but now I have even more unfinished tops that need work. I'm not sure which one will get to be on the top of the pile!

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

One Down/One to Go!

I've been back from my first October retreat and after a couple days of recovery, I'm beginning to get ready for my second retreat. 
I put this table runner together before I left for the first quilt camp.
 I have a lot of pumpkin blocks left to use, so I may take them along---if I figure out what to make out of them--lol! 

The first thing I worked on at camp were my Cheddarback blocks.
This was an easy month for this projectl

Panama Pyramids was next on my project list. All 99 blocks are now complete (I'm making a small version). I plan to put these together at home as soon as my design wall gets cleared off. 

And lastly, I made the 84 berries I need for my Hospital Sketches borders.
It was nice to have a few different projects to work on and it feels great that I will now be able to move forward on a few of them.
 These next photos are just a few of the quilts that others were working on at quilt camp---it's always so inspiring to see what others are doing!

More to come.....! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October Goal and More!

I've gone down another rabbit hole.
I couldn't stop myself from making some of these 5" pumpkins after seeing them on Instagram. They are a free pattern from Annette Plog at her Petite Quilts blog. I have a plan to make enough of them for a small wall hanging--just for fun! 

I have my final Hospital Sketches block set up and ready to applique. 

This is how it looks on the design wall with the rest of the blocks.
Hospital Sketches is going to be my One Monthly Goal.
 I have two retreats this month, so I don't imagine I will have time to get this one quilted, so my goal is to sew all the blocks together, applique the borders and get them attached to the rest of the quilt. 

I have my applique shapes ready to go---now if I can just stay away from those pumpkins......
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Sunday, September 29, 2019

September Goal Finish

I feel bad that my Stonefield's photos are so bad. 
The quilt has been finished almost two weeks, but because I procrastinated in taking pictures, I had to pin the quilt up on my design wall (it's in a pretty dim corner of my sewing room). It's windy and a bit rainy outside today and more of the same is predicted for tomorrow, so indoor pictures it is! 
Stonefield's was designed by Susan Smith, an Australian designer.

I'm happy with the bias stripe binding, but my quilting is another issue--lol! 

The Grunge backing is a wide fabric--a little splurge.
It was so nice to not have to piece the back for a change! 

Stonefield's was my September One Monthly Goal.
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