Saturday, June 15, 2019

Not a lot of June progress.....

There's no progress at all on my June goal. I have been dithering on the backing for my Cobblestones top. I just can't decide what fabric to use and I've changed my mind twice already--even after pre-washing one of my choices. 
In the meantime, I was forced to do some "Marie Kondo-ing" when my California Closet literally fell off the wall. So embarrassing. So....I was forced to sort through years decades of clothing (I didn't think I was a hoarder, but....????). 

The worst part was hauling thirty-some bags of clothing downstairs and packing it into my car. What a relief to have it all donated and out of the house! Mr. Moosebay had vowed to sort through his closet if I did mine, but I'm not seeing any progress on that. He did re-install my California Closet and I'm pretty sure it's going to stay in place from now on--fingers crossed--lol!

I have managed to get lots of applique done in the evenings though. The Pineapple block (lower left) is the latest for the Hospital Sketches and it will go beneath the center wreath in the finished quilt. 

Along with the weekly Temecula Wishing Rings blocks, I got part four of Cheddarback pieced. I took the easy route with all the blocks--flippy corners for the bow tie, flying geese for the star, and printed out a paper foundation for the pinwheel sort of block using my EQ8 program. 

The last two parts of Stonefields were loaded with circles! My Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Circles really got a workout. I was tempted to buy another set since there are only three or four of each size in the set. 

The final nine blocks. Now I need to motivate myself to sew everything together! Everywhere there is blue in both groups of blocks was to be pink if I used the kit fabrics. I raided my stashes of French General, Jo Morton and finally used some of my Judie Rothermel Dressing Gowns fabrics. I think there is still plenty of pink in these blocks and even more in the previously finished blocks. 

I haven't done any wool applique for ages, so in desperation to find some kind of hand work to do in the evenings, I dug out a tote of Primitive Gatherings pin cushion kits. Some of these go back years! There are a few Black Friday freebies and some from Lisa Bongean's  book Summer Gatherings. Apparently I bought the kits when I purchased to book? Who knows! The stitching on the three designs to the left is finished. I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to stitch on wool. I have several more projects in the tote, so it should keep my nights busy until I finally get Cobblestones finished and need to stitch on the binding! 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

June Goal

After prepping all the rest of the Stonefield's blocks, I started sorting out the left over fabrics. This is just some of the pinks that weren't used. I guess I don't have to do any shopping to add pink to my stash!  

This is what's under all that pink: Cobblestones, my One Monthly Goal for June.
I worked on this quilt while at camp and finished the embroidery at home.

 The words were embroidered before putting the quilt together, but the crosses and running stitches were added later. 

It was hard to not keep adding more of the random stitching, but I had to stop somewhere--lol!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ack! Google is playing tricks on me again and hasn't been forwarding my comments to me. I have read them all though and appreciate you taking the time to comment--thanks so much!  Now I have to find some time to dig through my settings and figure out what is happening--makes me grumpy! 

My next set of Stonefield's blocks was finished (maybe I've already shown these?). Lots of pink!

Hospital Sketches for May--loving this project! All of my backgrounds have been pieced, and I have them numbered for placement--an attempt to not end up with the same background fabrics next to each other. Hopefully it works! 

I'm waiting anxiously for part four of Cheddarback. This months' group of blocks had some challenges--the bottom right basket in particular! I ended up doing the math instead of paper piecing it.  I was tempted to slip the bonus block in it's place, but persevered--lol! 

For the next set of Stonefield's blocks, the designer recommended assessing the previous blocks and decide if the colors needed to be adjusted.
More blue-duh! 

I dug into my stash to substitute blues for all the pinks in my kit.  
So far, I've done every single block in the pattern as shown, but when I got to this one I just wasn't in the mood for English Paper Piecing. 

The kangaroo was a bonus block, so I made her in place of the EEP sunflower.

I am so close to the end of my blocks for Stonefield's.  I've been working on getting them all done--more to come!  

Saturday, May 25, 2019

My May Goal Done!

Wow--I haven't posted since the first of the month! I've been working outside on my gardens and other spring cleaning projects--that's my excuse! 
Orange Peel did get quilted though--finally! 

I was inspired to try quilting hooked feathers after watching this great Handi Quilter video: Feathers and Blocks with Vicki Hoth and Jamie Wallen. My brain seems to have an issue with quilting feathers, but the hooked feathers were actually fun to do !

The first bit of advice they gave was to practice drawing feathers everyday. I picked up a lined tablet at the dollar store and have been doing some practicing. I have to admit to not practicing every day, but try to do a page here and there (when I remember--lol!).

Orange Peel was my One Monthly Goal for May.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

My May Goal....

Even though I accomplished a lot last month, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get all of my blue and white UFO's completed.
So, my orange peel top will be my One Monthly Goal for May. It will be a while before I get started because I have no ideas yet on how to quilt this one. I  have a lot of pondering ahead!

Just for fun, a group of us took our finished On Ringo Lake quilts to the actual Ringo Lake (where Bonnie Hunter was inspired to create the pattern). Ringo Lake is nearby Green Lake where our retreat takes place. 
Sharyn's quilt isn't quite finished, but I know it will be eventually--lol!
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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

April Finish and a Blue and White Parade

It was pretty windy when I took photos of my quilts, but I was able to capture a few pictures hanging relatively flat between the gusts.
Finally! My Buggy Wheels quilt is finished.
I think it's my new favorite of all the quilts that I've made.
This was my One Monthly Goal for April and I am so pleased with how it turned out. 

Most of the quilting is continuous curves which ended up looking like orange peels. 

My next finish was the Hunter's Star top. I cut this quilt out using an Accuquilt die.
 I need to put that die to work and cut out a scrappy version too--it's on the "someday" list. 

In my previous post I mentioned the video I found to accomplish the quilting--love the texture that it added!

Since I was on a crazed quilting roll, I loaded up my Half and Half quilt on the HQ16 and put out the call for quilting ideas. 

I ended up doing an edge to edge design that looks a lot like a stipple--a pantograph called Amoebas Gone Wild.

And, lastly, I managed to complete the hand quilting on Arctic Circles. I did big stitch quilting (actually, really big stitching---lol!) using Cosmo Multiwork--a two strand embroidery floss that comes on a spool--so easy to use! 

Whew--that was a lot of finishes for one month!
 I would love to take a long nap now, but quilt camp is coming up at the end of the week and I have a lot to get done to be ready to go! 

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Friday, April 12, 2019

An April Update

Well, the good thing about the continuing snow is that I can stay inside and work on UFO's instead of doing yard work. It's beginning to look like winter will never end here.
Before I started working on my UFO's, I finished up the next twelve Stonefield's blocks that I had prepped. 

Finally! I got to do everyone's favorite block--The Owl and the Pussycat--so cute! I changed out almost every fabric in the kit except for the pea green boat and moon.

I had a lot of angst trying to decide how to quilt my Buggy Wheels (which in error I have been calling Wagon Wheels) quilt. I printed out a couple pages of the block from my EQ program and used a Pilot Frixion pen to doodle some designs. The beauty of using the Frixion is that I can iron the  sheets of paper and start over until I find a design I like. In the end, neither of these made the cut, but my quilt is finished--just need to add the label--hooray! 

I felt so good about finishing my April goal quilt that I loaded up my Hunter's Star top, hit Pinterest for some quilting ideas, came upon this awesome video for a continuous line quilt design specifically for the Hunter's Star, and finished another quilt in record time! Another hooray!

I haven't been working on much else, although
I am up to date with the Wishing Ring blocks (144) and have another 24 ready to stitch. The way I have been handling them is to fill 6 of my block boards with four blocks each for a total of 24. I have them close to my sewing machine and when I have a few spare moments, I sew some up--pretty painless so far. 

Now my roadblock!
I am completely stumped as to how to quilt the Half and Half top. My only thought is that it would look nice with continuous feathers in the spaces around the stars however, that would require a lot of rolling back and forth or stopping and starting and I would probably have to work that out ahead of time. I'm kind of a "fly by the seat of my pants" type of quilter though, so maybe not.
This one may end up with an edge to edge design......

Back to pondering---Laters!!!