Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ack! Google is playing tricks on me again and hasn't been forwarding my comments to me. I have read them all though and appreciate you taking the time to comment--thanks so much!  Now I have to find some time to dig through my settings and figure out what is happening--makes me grumpy! 

My next set of Stonefield's blocks was finished (maybe I've already shown these?). Lots of pink!

Hospital Sketches for May--loving this project! All of my backgrounds have been pieced, and I have them numbered for placement--an attempt to not end up with the same background fabrics next to each other. Hopefully it works! 

I'm waiting anxiously for part four of Cheddarback. This months' group of blocks had some challenges--the bottom right basket in particular! I ended up doing the math instead of paper piecing it.  I was tempted to slip the bonus block in it's place, but persevered--lol! 

For the next set of Stonefield's blocks, the designer recommended assessing the previous blocks and decide if the colors needed to be adjusted.
More blue-duh! 

I dug into my stash to substitute blues for all the pinks in my kit.  
So far, I've done every single block in the pattern as shown, but when I got to this one I just wasn't in the mood for English Paper Piecing. 

The kangaroo was a bonus block, so I made her in place of the EEP sunflower.

I am so close to the end of my blocks for Stonefield's.  I've been working on getting them all done--more to come!  

Saturday, May 25, 2019

My May Goal Done!

Wow--I haven't posted since the first of the month! I've been working outside on my gardens and other spring cleaning projects--that's my excuse! 
Orange Peel did get quilted though--finally! 

I was inspired to try quilting hooked feathers after watching this great Handi Quilter video: Feathers and Blocks with Vicki Hoth and Jamie Wallen. My brain seems to have an issue with quilting feathers, but the hooked feathers were actually fun to do !

The first bit of advice they gave was to practice drawing feathers everyday. I picked up a lined tablet at the dollar store and have been doing some practicing. I have to admit to not practicing every day, but try to do a page here and there (when I remember--lol!).

Orange Peel was my One Monthly Goal for May.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

My May Goal....

Even though I accomplished a lot last month, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get all of my blue and white UFO's completed.
So, my orange peel top will be my One Monthly Goal for May. It will be a while before I get started because I have no ideas yet on how to quilt this one. I  have a lot of pondering ahead!

Just for fun, a group of us took our finished On Ringo Lake quilts to the actual Ringo Lake (where Bonnie Hunter was inspired to create the pattern). Ringo Lake is nearby Green Lake where our retreat takes place. 
Sharyn's quilt isn't quite finished, but I know it will be eventually--lol!
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