Wednesday, August 26, 2020

August One Monthly Goal Complete

Before this happened..... August Afternoon Delight applique blocks were finished. 
They were my One Monthly Goal for August and, I admit, not a very lofty goal. I didn't want to get too stressed before my wrist surgery on the 6th, so I went pretty easy on myself. I hope to make up for it later this year and get back to completing entire quilts, although that may be what contributed to wearing out my wrist cartilage in the first place--lol!

I was getting pretty desperate to find something to occupy my time (aside from reading and one handed weed pulling). I decided to try my hand (pun intended!) at an adult coloring page from Mary Engelbreit's site.  It was a nice diversion, but after spending so much time on it, what the heck do I do with it? Also, any ideas what the half circle is next to the W? 
Hello thumb--I've missed you! I got my removable brace last week. It's so nice to be able to wash my arm and scratch an itch. I'm trying hard to not do too much yet, but I'm getting pretty antsy!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Reading and reading and....

 It's only been a week since my surgery, and I am already feeling reader's fatigue. 

Even though I can't do any stitching, my Lap App has come in pretty handy. I'm using a strip of tee shirt sleeve (from what's left of my go-to mask making shirt) as a phone holder while I read. it's been working great--glad I thought of it! I have two Kindles but they are old school push-button navigation, so I prefer swiping on my phone's Kindle app.

It's also is helpful for reading books--wish I had realized this a long time ago!

I haven't tried a magazine but I'm excited to dig into this one--just arrived yesterday. 

The last thing I worked on before my wrist surgery were the appliques for my Di Ford quilt. It's hard to know that everything is ready to go but I have to leave it all untouched.
  My post-op appt. is still a week away, so I am trying to be good. The most strenuous thing I have done is to deadhead my petunias--lol! Actually, writing this post hasn't been easy. Thank goodness for the undo button! If I post again, I may forego caps and punctuation--just a warning. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

August One Monthly Goal

My One Monthly Goal for August is to complete the applique blocks for this months Afternoon Delight BOM. I have five days to get them done. I'm going easy on myself since after the sixth I will be "out of commission". I'm finally biting the bullet and having bone fusion surgery on my left wrist as the cortisone hasn't been helping with the pain anymore. I've had my Covid test and am self isolating until the "big day". 

Clayton James quilt
I was hoping to get all twenty Clayton James blocks completed before surgery, but only managed to get this far. I've been cleaning cupboards, relining shelves and drawers, washing windows and weeding my gardens. I have been feeling like I will never be able to do anything ever again! My instructions are to keep my wrist absolutely immobile after surgery for up to 6 weeks (possibly longer) to allow the fusion to heal, so I won't attempt to finish any of more of these blocks for quite a while. 
In anticipation of getting back to sewing this fall, I have cut out and made test blocks for several quilts from Linda Koenig's Ratsburg Road Quilts book. 

In the meantime, I will be catching up on my reading! 

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