Monday, November 28, 2016

Front Porch Progress

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I'm linking with Humble Quilts for this month's Front Porch block--I call it the Front Porch Trike.
This is a huge block and it kind of gave me fits. There is no layout to trace, so it had to be "eyeballed"--I think I got pretty close as to how it should be. 

I had to share the cute packaging and label from an order I placed with the 1894 Cottonwood House all tied with a tiny sprig of dried herbs! 
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekend Update

This month is all about being thankful, and I can tell you that I am extremely  thankful that my cataract surgery went off without a hitch (I was pretty worried--lol!). There are just a couple more weeks of eye drops and then I will feel like I'm back to normal. I'm so pleased--no pain and I don't even need my cheaters anymore (I opted for special lens) except for up close stitching. Such a far cry from the days when they made you lie flat on your back with your head immobilized with sand bags for days! 
I finished quilting Walking on Broken Glass before my eye surgery, just in case--haha!
This is my November One Monthly Goal--happy to have it complete. 

The quilting was done using a large leaf pantograph so it was finished in a flash. 

The rows of Walking on Broken Glass are staggered and the ends get trimmed off. There were enough of these cut-offs to play around with and make into another Meals on Wheels place-mat with more fast quilting--clamshells. 

I completed the stitching on the big Buttermilk Basin Let It Snow snowman after my left eye surgery, so I pretty pleased at how he turned out considering the right eye hadn't been done yet ;-) 

This is how my blocks will be arranged.
 I had read on a few blogs that the two T's in the first and second rows lining up were bothersome. It never occurred to me that it was a problem, but after reading that it was, it started to be bothersome to me also--you know how that is--oh, the power of suggestion!!! 

The finishing instructions are on the website, and I will be working on getting this done ASAP. I'm hoping to be able to hang it yet this winter.
(That won't be a problem here in Minnesota since winter lasts until April!)
Block two of Primitive Garden is finished and I have been stitching on the next block-- the blackbirds on barbed wire. 

The finishing instructions for A Blackbird Gathering have been released, and my top border is fused and ready to stitch. 

I'll be working on this today--my Slow Sunday Stitching.
It's so nice to stitch on wool and occasionally check out those melting icicles! 
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Walking on Broken Glass was also on my Fourth Quarter Finish-A-Long list HERE

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Scrappy Happy

Warning! Photo Overload Ahead!
I've finally started to go through my photos from quilt camp way in the beginning of October. If I remember correctly, my camera battery died in the middle of Show and Tell and I couldn't locate my spare (turns out it was in my pocket--almost as bad as those sunglasses I couldn't locate yesterday because they were on top of my head--doh!). Soooo....these are just some of the quilts--the rest of them are on my phone, so hopefully they will be coming later. 
We always have an awesome Show and Tell because you may end up doing the Hokey Pokey if you don't have something to show!
Of course, a cyclist needs a quilt with bicycles on it! 

This photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful paper piecing and colors. 

Cool batik blocks

I'm imagining some wonderful quilting in those open spaces!

Fun scrappy....

...and a fun back!

Love this blue and white one...

...and it's lovely toile backing and fan quilting!

I'm not the only one to succumb to the Temecula Olympics Challenge.

I almost caved on this one too--maybe it's not too late!

A wonderful vintage find.

A new meaning to a Charm Quilt...


Love this stash burner! 

I have a "thing" for 60 degree triangles--this one is on my bucket list.

Love this block--britches?

Cool Gypsy Wife in repro fabrics.

I think you can see how enormous this one is--super king size with amazing piecing! 

Yes, those are tiny bow ties--wonderful!
I wish I had the stamina to make one of these.

I think I heard that this quilter bought an entire bolt of cheddar fabric--

and is using it to make some awesome quilts!

Love the scrappy colors in this one...

..and this one!
This is when my battery went out--more to come soon.
My birthday was the same week as retreat and my cousin Barb made me this fun pin cushion presented in this vintage cheese box!  The box is the perfect size to hold my small rulers that I use everyday for the 365 Challenge blocks--how cool is that?!?
Do you remember when cheese (well, sort of cheese) came in these boxes?
I do--guess that shows my age! 
 These beautiful blues were gifted to me by Miriam (piecer of those tiny bow tie blocks)--love them! I think I've already used up a couple of them in my 365 Challenge blocks. 
This is my 365 Challenge top so far--it's already so big I had trouble getting the whole thing in a photo. We are almost ready to add the next round of dark blocks--not too many 3" dark blocks left to make! 
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Saturday, November 5, 2016

November UFO goal

I hadn't planned on trying to get a UFO finished in November since I was booked for cataract surgery. After watching the "informative" video the clinic has you watch before surgery, I was convinced I would never see properly again. I know they have to tell you all the things that could possibly go wrong, but when one of them is "loss of vision" (that means BLIND, right??) it kind of sticks in your brain. Thankfully, none of that happened and my first eye surgery is a success--yay!
I decided to go easy on myself and will be working on getting "Walking on Broken Glass" quilted. It will probably be and edge to edge design, so should go pretty quickly. 

I don't think I've mentioned before that I joined a Facebook group that is doing the Primitive Garden quilt. Most of the participants are doing the wool version, but I had purchased the cotton version quilt several years ago from someone who had started it (only the hoe) and was selling the kit on eBay. It seemed like a now or never situation--it's good to have an incentive to get to work on the blocks.
The sew-along started last month, so this is the October block finished.
I'm almost done with the November block--a pot of geraniums, and I'm amazed that I am able to be working on needle turn applique already with my "new" eye! 
One Monthly Goal has moved to Patty's at Elm Street Quilts HERE
Elm Street Quilts