Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Catching Up with Jane

I don't know how it happened, but I was 5 weeks behind on my Austen Family Album blocks--yikes! I know if I get too far behind, I will have another UFO on my hands, so yesterday I was determined to get caught up!
Block 13: Crosses and Losses for Charles Austen

Block 14: Home Comfort for George Austen

Block 15: King's Crown for the Regent

Block 16: Lucky Pieces for Aunt Jane Leigh-Perrot

Block 17: Water Wheel for Uncle James Leigh-Perrot

I think it will be a very happy quilt!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Doings

Update on the Paper Dolls Quilt:
I had several emails and comments about the pattern. I completely forgot to mention that the pattern is from Cozy Quarter's in IA. You can order the pattern HERE or a kit for Paper Dolls HERE. The kit comes in an adorable decorated box and you can see a photo of it by following the kit link. 

 It's almost a given now that there will be a boo-boo somewhere in the Sunflower Gatherings Block of the Week. 
Last week there wasn't enough wool in the kit for the body of the watering can.
No problem--I had just picked up this strip-y piece at Gruber's

And the piece that was in the kit was perfect in size and color for the next block in Sally's World.

Sally's World is a 4 part mystery in the Quiltmania's Simply Vintage magazine.
It's in stock at Colorz for Quilts if you need a copy--I love this magazine!

I caved--I'm signed up for Kim Diehl's Simple Whatnot's club--it's starting in September at Colorz.
These are the fun fabrics that the club projects are designed around.

I spent most of the day picking buckets of raspberries at Sandi's farm-YUM!!
Raspberries are my very favorite berry--love them! Thanks again Sandi!!!
And the frosting on the day:
My fat quarter bundle of Jo Morton's latest line Haberdashery came in the mail--yay!

Looks like most of my tomatoes are going to be ready to pick soon!
The top one looks like it has a blemish, but it's just a shadow. All the tomatoes look really good considering the plant has been blown over twice during storms this summer....
and the snacking the deer have been doing at the top--they better keep their lips off the fruit!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July Stitch Therapy

I know: amazing!
I'm actually doing a Stitch Therapy post the same week as the meeting--I'm not sure that's ever happened before!
Anne brought her Wish Quilt top all put together--so pretty! She used a Christmas postcard print for the border--very nice. Anne also gave us all a lesson on how to do a Colonial Knot. She took a class from Lisa Bongean last month and learned to do the knot "Lisa's" way. I did a little practice again today-I think I've got it!!
Thanks Anne!

Val showed us her fun bag she made from an exclusive fabric she picked up on a trip to the City Quilter quilt shop in New York. 

Twyila"s latest row for Simply Red--that tomato color really pops!

Paula got the most difficult block in the Wish Quilt finished--so pretty and perfect!

Carol has her Simply Red top put together. she plans to add another border or two.
The little bits of caramel color look so pretty --wish it was a better photo. 

Sandi brought her finished top with a beautiful border print border.

She is also doing some applique blocks from a Blackbird Designs book:
When the Cold Wind Blows.

She shrank the designs about 25%.
The pieces are still big enough to show off the fabrics though.

I'm really not a purple person, but I am loving these blocks!!
Brenda brought some of her blue Simply Red--the lighter blue in there really sparkles. 

Brenda was also working on this cute polka dot chicken tea towel--so fun!
And Mary didn't have a quilt to bring--she has already completed her green version of Simply Red and given as a gift! 

If you are following the schedule, stitch the Stars onto the B blocks and make 120 flying geese for the border (page 7).

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Finish!

I'm on a roll this week!
 I have my July Stitch Society project completed. This month we got a pattern for a ditty bag. I'm not sure what makes it a ditty, but I think it's pretty cute!
I was surprised at how easily this went together. There are pockets all around and a drawstring top.
The drawstrings are made from the adorable twill tape my cousin Barb gave me.
I used scraps from my stash to make the bag, so the fabric placement depended on how much yardage I had of each fabric which caused a little bit of a contrast issue. I think most of the fabrics  are from older Sweetwater designs.
 I did a blanket stitch in red around the top of the pockets to create a little contrast--now I'm much happier with the end result.

I made my monogram hexagon to match the band and bottom print and shrank it a little bit so it just fit on the pocket. In the pattern, the hexagon overlaps into the bottom band. Our fearless leader Theresa plans to shrink hers even more and use it as a fob on a chain to attach to one of the bag handles. I know that's going to be sweet! 

This is the first time I had ever used Soft and Stable (headliner foam) and I love how the bag stands up really nicely but it still pretty lightweight. Thank goodness I had plenty of Wonder Clips to hold everything in place though. They worked great to hold the 2 layers of S&S together with 6 layers of fabric on the side seams. There's no way I could have pinned all that together without a lot of distortion!

The drawstring top can be tucked down into the bag in case you need to carry something tall......
or bring along your monkey! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Paper Doll Quilt? Finished!!

I have had such a great morning!
 I had a short visit by a cardinal hopping on the balcony railing--too short to grab the camera, though. Cardinals are few and far between in our neighborhood. I think I've only seen 3 or 4 in the fifteen years we've lived here, so it was quite a treat to have him drop by!
These are my Miracle Morning Glories.
 Two weeks ago, the trellis was blown over by a huge gust of wind and took the Morning Glories with it, roots and all. Fortunately. I was close by when it happened and replanted them ASAP. I have been watering them everyday since. You can see the leaves are a bit beat up, but this week it started blooming.
 I'm so happy--looks like the Morning Glories are too! 
I persuaded Mr. Moosebay Jr. to hold my finished Paper Dolls quilt over the deck railing for a photo this morning.
 This is my July UFO--wow--completed with 2 weeks to spare!
My friend Miriam suggested a much lighter border than what I had planned to use--I'm so glad I listened to her--love the tan with my scrappy binding.
I put my scallop rulers to work on this quilt in the border and on the dresses. 

I was a little tricky quilting around the kerchiefs--I had to pin them out of the way.

I used to love playing with paper dolls as a child and this quilt was just as much fun.

I loved putting together the fabrics for the dresses and hats.

I used an extra block for the label on the back.
 The Paper Dolls quilt is all about the hats! There were only a few shapes in the pattern, so I drew up a few more--here's the fashion show:
I got a chance to use my new Martha Stewart hydrangea punch too!
These are the tiny flowers from the punch.

This is the large hydrangea flower. 

This flower is just a circle with little nips to make petals.

This is one of those little pre-made ribbon flowers from JoAnne's. 

Update: for more information on the Paper Doll quilt pattern, see my earlier post HERE

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Catching Up.....

Bonnie and Connie from Quilt Haven on Main in Hutchinson, MN did a trunk show at the Pinetree Patchworker's guild meeting last night.
 Did I remember my camera? 
No, I did not--my bad! 
Bonnie had some door prizes to give out--I won this kit!
 Awesome sauce!!
The shop is located in the same spot that used to house the Thimbleberries Studio. I've been to Quilt Haven and it's a wonderful shop--I can't wait to do some shopping there in August when I will be in Hutchinson. By the way, they have an awesome quilting space on the upper level with wonderful lighting---you and your friends can sew there for free! 
Last night my friend Marilyn gave me a bag filled with these little packets.
They are for a Block of the Month she signed up for in 2004-2005.
Luckily for me, she has decided she won't be doing the blocks and passed them on to me!
Be still my heart!  
I had so much fun today going through all the fabrics.
They are right up my alley, for sure!
I probably won't be using the fabrics to make the Block of the Month blocks, but the patterns are going to be a lot of fun to read.
There's a little history lesson attached to each block from many different eras of our country's past. 

A lot of the block patterns are pretty cool too. I'd like to make quilts out of several of them.
Thanks Marilyn---you made my week! 
A few more pics from the Clemons gardens.
 One of the gardens was planted with all white flowers--very peaceful and beautiful!
This clematis was especially gorgeous and loaded with flowers. 

I had never seen double lilies before. They are so pretty--just a hint of pink at the edges of the petals.

Oops--this may have been from the yellow garden.
I had never seen these double cone flowers before either--very fun!

This is another plant I've never seen. None of us knew what it was and it wasn't labeled.
Any ideas?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Flower Show

I haven't made much progress in the sewing/quilting department this week.
 I was inspired to do some gardening after visiting the Munsinger/Clemons gardens in St. Cloud on Tuesday. It was a beautiful day to tour the gardens!
Since I took about a 100 photos, I'll just show some of the fountains or statuary to start.
The Renaissance Fountain with Cranes

A beautiful bronze of Virginia and Bill Clemons.

We were lucky to find so many flowers at their peak.
 I have so many plants to add to my "want list" for my gardens.

There were gorgeous urns like this in almost every garden "room".

Luckily for the gardens,
 there didn't seem to be any evidence of deer in the vicinity, but there were a couple ducks!

Sherry and Sandi admire the shade/rock garden near the fountain shown above.
The Mississippi River is in the background. 
After visiting the gardens, we had lunch at Panera Bread--yummy!
 I sure wish we had one close to home. 
And of course we couldn't leave the area without a stop at Gruber's Quilt Shop--over all a super fun day.