Tuesday, March 26, 2019

My March Goal Finish

This is one of the few times I've marked a quilt before loading it on my HQ16. I planned to do feathers in my borders and felt it would be easier to do the chalking on a flat surface. I did some marking on the inner border also. 

The rest of the quilting was freehand done in the light areas--echoing around the appliques and continuous curves in the 25 patch blocks. 

I didn't worry about staying precisely on the chalked lines when I came to quilting the feathers (maybe I should have--lol!) 

So this is my One Monthly Goal for March completed.
It's also my Bea and Cecile quilt-a-long quilt for 2019, which required 16 flower blocks of one's choice. Mine are from a book by Jo Morton (with a bit of adaptation).  

When I first started making the quilt, this fabric was my choice for the border and a guide to choose the fabrics for the rest of the quilt. In the end, I felt it was just too busy and competed with my applique blocks, so it had to go on the back. 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I Succumbed.

I tried not to catch it. I stayed away from places that I thought would be unsafe. But on Saturday I came down with a case Cheddarback Fever. 
So.....I pulled fabrics from my stash....

...cut all the sashings and cornerstones....

.....held my breath while I made what looked like the most difficult block (just to make sure I had really caught the fever)....

...and made the bonus block...

...yep.....I've got it!
The first five block patterns are free until the end of March HERE

 I showed this on Instagram, but want to share it here also.
At our March quilt guild meeting, we made up-cycled barn quilts. Jayne's hubby cut recycled wood into diamonds. Jayne and Char put together an assortment of colors for us to choose from and even provided the backing board with a hanging hook!   

No surprise that I went for the blue and white diamonds to make my Lemoyne Star.

I've been looking for something to balance out my letter M on the mantel and I think this star is what I've been searching for! 

Monday, March 11, 2019

On a Roll!

My goal quilt for March is quilted and the binding is almost finished---and it's not even the half way mark for the end of the month--what a good feeling. 
Well, I sort of feel like I should finish another UFO, but instead I've been working on some new stuff. 
I finished block 2 of Hospital Sketches. It's kind of a simple block so for fun I split the plume and used two fabrics (and it made it much easier to applique!).

Last week's and this week's batch of One Block Wednesday blocks. 

I've seen these blocks called circles or donuts by others online, and thought I should look up the block to see what it's actual name is in the  Barbara Brackman Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.

Block #2626: The Wishing Ring (KC Star).
In the encyclopedia, the block is constructed with elongated hexagons (as were the blocks in Sheryl's inspiration quilt for the sew along). Hooray for Flippy Corners--much as I hate trimming them up! 

Twelve more Stonefield's blocks.
I think these are so fun to work on because there is such a quirky mix of blocks.

This is my pile of leftover fabrics from the first three sets of blocks--no worries if I cut something wrong! 

 The kit from Homestead Hearth is pretty awesome. There is a color photo of each block from the original quilt, notes from the designer, and the fabrics are labeled in small bundles for each block. It's been very easy to follow. I don't usually purchase kits, but I think I have mentioned that I bought this one from someone de-stashing at a price I couldn't refuse--lol!
I'm going to start on the next set of 12 right after a little dog walkie! 

Friday, March 1, 2019

March Goal

My One Monthly Goal for March will be to finish up my Flower Block Quilt Along quilt with Bea and Cecile.  The deadline is in April, so I would like to have this project done a bit ahead of time since I have a retreat happening later in that month.

While I was  digging for an inner border fabric, I found this gold and blue stripe in my stash. It looks pretty cute close up, but I'm not so sure about it at a distance.

It kind of reads as green when you step back from the design wall. I guess that would be okay as there as a lot of green in the applique blocks---something to ponder before making a final decision. I may have to re-dig and find an all gold fabric--probably a better choice. 

This is a "bonus" goal.
These quilts have been hanging untouched on this ladder in our entryway for years. There is quite a nice layer of dust accumulated on them! I've been meaning to swap them out for at least a year--hopefully I can motivate myself to do it this month!

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