Thursday, June 25, 2020

June One Monthly Goal Finish

Just finished just my One Monthly Goal for June this morning: Covid Chaos. 
 The orange thread doesn't look too obnoxious--lol!
I remembered to add a label. Last month I think I was late doing that. 
I had planned to start showing some of my Sweet William applique blocks today. They have been finished for a while and I kept forgetting to take photos of them. I finally did that this morning.  New Blogger will only let me add one photo at a time and I am too irritated to spend more time on it, so maybe next time! There are a lot of blocks so I will only post a few at a time when I get around to it! 

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Update to the Update

I'm much happier with the center of my star now that I've reverted it to the solid log cabin blocks. I made some courthouse step blocks and added them to the top and bottom of the star to get a rectangle. I think they kind of look like Pop-Beads!
I'm much happier with the center of my star now that I've reverted it to the solid log cabin blocks. I also made some courthouse step blocks and added them to the top and bottom of the star to get a rectangle. I think they kind of look like Pop-Beads! Hopefully I will have time to start sewing them together soon.
Yesterday I got the latest Connecting Threads catalog and found a pattern with a similar idea--great minds think alike! 
I'm so thrilled with my rose vine this year. Last year the deer very carefully nipped off pretty much every one of the buds and I ended up with only a few blossoms. I've been very diligent with the deer repellent this year and it's paid off. I recently won a gift certificate to the nursery where I purchased this rose, and I'm thinking I may have to have a second one (despite the deer stress).  
This also came in the mail. There was no note or invoice with it and I was positive I didn't order any Cuddle. Two days later I got an email from Shannon Fabrics that I had won it in a drawing. It comes with an online class with one of their educators. I've never used Cuddle/Minky, so it will be fun to try out. 
In the meantime, I've actually started my June goal, so I better get back at it! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A Little Update

There have been so many things that I've been longing to do, but told myself these Afternoon Delight double nine patches had to be finished first. It was hard, but I did it--yay! Now I can putter around doing other things guilt free--lol! 
I should be busy quilting this: my June goal on my quilting machine. I've been auditioning thread colors and may go ahead with this orange Aurifil. Just not in the mood right now. 

Earlier this month, I watched a video from Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts) and thought her Broken Star quilt would be a perfect way to clean up some of the fabrics that are in piles heaps on my sewing room floor. Edyta suggested making eight blocks at time and that made it so doable, I couldn't stop.  

There are three different log cabin variations in the quilt. I almost lost my way making the all light blocks but finally got the hang of it which made the all blue ones easier to make. 

I decided to open the center of the middle star rather than making the solid blue star as in Edyta's quilt, but now I'm not sure if I like it this way. I also want to figure out something to make it a rectangle, so I still have a way to go before sewing the blocks together.  

I'm moving on from needle felting gnomes to baby rabbits. The plan is to make a cabbage leaf for him to sleep in, but haven't figured out how to do it yet...more to come on that.
I'm using the new Blogger on my laptop (no more phone posting for me) and had quite a struggle with the photos at first. I decided to take a lunch break and when I tried again it all worked perfectly--go figure. 
Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from now on! 

Saturday, June 13, 2020


I’ve never done a post from my phone, but since Blogger is forcing a new “phone friendly” platform onto us, I decided to give it a try. And since I’m doing a test post, this is a test block I just made that may or may not become a quilt. 
Keeping my fingers crossed that this all works. It took me a week to get the photo to upload, so I’m not hopeful—lol!

Monday, June 1, 2020

June One Monthly Goal

Since this has been hanging around on my design wall for a few weeks, I guess it's about time to get it quilted. Once I got the borders on, I immediately made the binding (cheddar, of course!) and pieced a back from stash pieces. 
It's ready to be quilted! 

After adding those wavy sashings, the top was a little dizzying so I am thinking of naming it Covid Chaos--lol! 
This quilt will be my One Monthly Goal for June.

A little update on one of my applique projects:
These are the Afternoon Delight blocks completed in May. There won't be new applique blocks to work on this month, as those patterns were released in March at the start of isolation. Any progress on this project will have to be the pieced alternate blocks which I have neglected completely. 
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