Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sew Slowly...

Things haven't been progressing too quickly this week. 
I lost an entire day doing my holiday cards. My address spread sheet disappeared when my MS Office expired, so I needed to create a new one in Google Docs to merge with a mailing label wizard. Of course, I could have hand written them in a quarter of the time all this took place, but I was determined to have those printed labels--doh!
If you have the time, make yourself a cup of tea and read Mike's ruminations on greeting cards HERE--hilarious! I subscribe to his blog posts A Bit About Britain, because I love reading about the British places I will never be lucky enough to visit in person. Very educational!
The Thimblecreek mystery top is all together and ready to quilt--hooray!
I just noticed you can see a little peek of another of Joe's designs hanging behind it--Ryokan. It also has checkerboard sashing, but a bit bigger--it's definitely his thing. Hopefully, it will get quilted in 2016--it's not looking like I will get to it this year! 
My current UFO will get finished as long as nothing dire occurs.
 I'm about half way through the quilting on this one.  

My Mrs. Billing's rosettes are almost all appliqued in place, and I should be able to finish them up tonight.
I hope you find time to do a little stitching today!
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  1. Karen your finished Thimblecreek quilt top is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to see the quilting on your UFO... I love the colours in that quilt! Beautiful, beautiful quilts! Christine x

  2. That finished top is just gorgeous! You have gotten quite a lot done...he is right about the social media thing / cards. A person is lucky to get a paper invitation to a wedding or baby shower these days! :)

  3. I really like that Thimblecreek mystery. What unusual side triangles. I'll have to remember to try piecing side triangles next time.

    Lovely rosettes too.

  4. ENjoy your rosetting... can that be a verb?
    So beautiful!

  5. I love the effect of the checkerboard sashing. Lots of work to make it, but it looks wonderful!

  6. Great work getting the mystery quilt together. So much work!!

  7. Beautiful quilt--am sure you are happy to have it ready for the quilting stage

  8. Great work! Your finished top is looking really splendid.

  9. I love your quilt top. Can't wait to see how you quilt it. Hugs

  10. Sew slowly?! It looks like you've been incredibly busy to me! That looks like one very complicated mystery quilt, great job! I love the caramelly colours of the Mrs Billing's rosette blocks too - hope you had fun finishing them up at the weekend and look forward to seeing them come together :)

  11. I'm always impressed at how much sewing you get done even when you don't think you're getting much done. I love your Thimblecreek Mystery quilt, the checkerboard sashing makes it sparkle. Thanks for the link to the British blog, it sounds fun.