Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December UFO Done!

My UFO for December has been finished for a couple of weeks, but I kept putting off photographing it. I finally bit the bullet and pinned the quilt up outside--too dark inside for good photos! 
So this is it--my Edyta Sitar Exchange Block (the mostly blue ones, at least!) Quilt. 

For the exchange, we used a block from a book by Terry Atkinson (with her permission). The other rule was to use an Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts) print for the star and one of her batiks for the background. All of the fabrics I added, such as the triangles around the star shown here, were Edyta Sitar fabrics from my stash. The only fabric I purchased to finish the quilt was the Edyta Sitar brown/green batik I used in the sashing and border.

I'm amazed at how the star looks so different when it's on point!

My original plan was to bind it with the brown/green batik, but I was one strip short--rats! I did have enough of the Edyta Sitar blue batik that I had bought for another project, although it didn't look so great next to the brown. That's why that little white flange is in there--lol!  

This was my life saver in making my quilt. If you ever have a pile of blocks and no idea what to do with them---you need this book--Setting Solutions by Sharyn Craig. It's out of print, but you may get lucky like I did and find it on eBay. It also looks like you can get it as a print on demand or an e-book at C&T Publishing.

This little photo in the book was my inspiration--although mine is a very simplified version. 

There isn't a pattern in the book for this design, so I did a simple mock-up in my EQ7 program to get the math worked out--that was soooo helpful!

I really love how this one turned out--now to figure out what to do with the rest of my exchange blocks!
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  1. This is a gorgeous quilt. Congrats on the finish!!

  2. It is a beauty. Love blue/brown quilts, and the batiks and stars really make this shine!
    I agree with you about Sharyn's book. Very helpful!

  3. Your quilt has a wintery look to it. One you would like to cover up with during the cold months ahead.

  4. Lovely work on your quilt top. I think it is a great finish.

  5. I love this one! The blue binding with the white flange is perfect. I've said it before, but I love that putting some of the blocks on point fools the eye into thinking you have two different blocks playing here.