Sunday, December 27, 2015

Scrap Happy...

Early last week, I finally finished up my last rosette applique. And a miracle occurred: I also finally pieced the borders that went in between borders four through nine--yay!!

Most of the borders were just a fussy cut strip, but then there's those diamonds on point--yikes!
Surprisingly, they went together a lot easier than I was anticipating (but were still a challenge!).
After that, another border of squares on point seemed like a breeze!

Now that the rosette border is on, there is a double diamond (or is it triple?) border coming up next--yikes.
 I think I'll be avoiding that for a while and just admire it the way it is on my design wall! 

This was a little project I've been wanting to get to for a while.
 I found an unfinished frame at Hobby Lobby and painted it with chalk paint. It's the perfect size for last year's Primitive Gatherings freebie pincushion (which I decided was way too adorable not to be framed). After I took apart the pin cushion (and used the insides for this year's freebie) I added a couple additional log cabin strips so it was long enough to fit the frame opening. 

I think it looks pretty cute hanging above a shelf in my sewing room and I can enjoy it every time I check to see if it's time to start dinner--lol!
Now that the rosette's were finished, I needed a new hand stitching project. It was about time I figured out the border applique for How Does Your Garden Grow.
My favorite border element of the pattern is the sunflowers, so I added even more of them. Hmmm--maybe overkill???

I had to change the size of the vase to fit the pieces of wool I had in my stash.
 I'm hoping it's all going to look okay in the end--I changed my mind a lot on the placement, and already see some things I'd like to move, but it's too late now--they are all fused down, so that's how they will stay.

The banner will be embroidered with the words "Live Gently Upon the Earth".

So this will be my Slow Sunday Stitching for this week--I hope you get some time to do some stitching too! 

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  1. Gorgeous project finishes. Your "How does your garden grow?" looks wonderful! Lovely work!

  2. Great ideas for you pincushion...I need to dig out the pattern you sent me!! Thanks for the free links to more patterns and I love your WIP and don't think the Sunflowers are overkill at all.

  3. So much eye candy! They are all gorgeous!.

  4. Oh Karen you really are an artist--your quilts are lovely...especially am in love with "How Does Your Garden Grow" --and that banner will be perfect...hugs and Happy New Year...Julierose

  5. I love all the sunflowers on the border of How Does Your Garden Grow! There is no such thing as too many of them.

  6. Don't avoid that last border. The others were easy. I love your slow stitching project. The banner saying will be great.

  7. Love your How Does Your Garden Grow quilt! So lovely to see the applique.:)

  8. Well done getting a finish on all those borders. That quilt is looking great.
    The frame looks wonderful, too. Very smart idea.
    And lovely progress on your garden quilt. Everything is coming together very nicely.

  9. Stunning - I'd say you done really well !

  10. Beautiful quilts all of them. Well done for getting so many of those borders done. You can do the next one, it will be far easier than you think. Thanks for the eye candy.

  11. If something that pretty was on my design wall I would enjoy it as long as I could. The next border sounds a bit challenging. : )
    Sweet idea to frame the little featherweight design. Turned out very cute.
    And another great finish about to happen. So much beautiful stitching going on at your place!

  12. "How does your garden grow" is lovely. Heck all of the projects you shared are lovely and you make me want to go sew! All the best to you in 2016!