Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Nope--nothing new here....
But,I was so taken with the Devil's Claw quilt on the cover of my new Country Threads book, I had to do some fabric cutting!

I thought my stash of Kim Diehl fabrics would be perfect for Devil's Claw.
I am making mine a bit larger than the pattern in the book, so I needed 21 dark prints and 21 light prints. 

I was a little short on Kim Diehl lights, but it was easy (and super fast) to order a bundle of her Butter Churn Basics (all lights!) from the Fat Quarter Shop

I made a few test blocks. They are very labor intensive--lots of waste triangles!
I think I am "square in a square" challenged. but I love how the blocks are looking. I'm also a bit worried about setting the blocks together--there will be some challenging matching involved!
I know it seems like I am avoiding quilting Words to Live By, and in a way I am. On Friday I will be taking a couple classes from Sue Patten. She will be in the US teaching very close to my home--so exciting! I'm hoping some of her magic will rub off onto me and I will be doing some fabulous quilting next week!
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  1. I just this morning ordered a half yard bundle of Kim's Butter Churn neutrals from the FQS. Yum!

  2. Oh Lord this is my favorite post this week!! LOVE IT!! I havent' sewn since I've been back to work....oh well.

  3. Your test blocks look fabulous, and the Kim Diehl fabrics are the perfect choice. I've just ordered a few pieces from her new collection, but I think I need to also order the Butter Churn neutrals to go with them.

  4. I don't have a long arm, so anything I machine quilt is done on my little Bernina. I have to psych myself up before quilting anything. I'm not sure why because it's kind of fun once I get going. I love your Kim Diehl fabrics and have several of those in my stash, too. That will be a great quilt.

  5. Hello Karen! Your test blocks look fabulous... the quilt is going to look superb! :) x

  6. I wouldn't say you were procrastinating, just redirected. Great test blocks. Kim Diehl's fabrics have such rich colors. Thank goodness for the ability to quickly order online!

  7. That will be a gorgeous quilt in Kim's colors. I just picked up a few more of her designs today to finish off a little design of hers.
    I took a class from Sue Patten last year. She is amazing--and be prepared to laugh until your cheeks hurt! I learned so much from her!

  8. That is a gorgeous quilt you are making, I'm tempted to make it myself but I don't own the book yet. Don't stress over those points, it's gonna look fabulous no matter what.

  9. I didn't know there was a new Country Threads book. I have always liked their quilt patterns. I like the color range I see in your cut pieces. Makes a nice block.

  10. I'm with LuAnn. I quilt on a DSM too and I have no problem doing it but I have to psych myself up to actually get started! Love your Devil's Claw blocks!