Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mission Accomplished--not quite!

I thought I was going to celebrate a red letter day--my Stitching Society 180 wool hexagons were all finished! 
The Bell

Pine Branch
 I don't think I've shown these yet--
Dresden Plate

Endless Chain

Winding Ways
 When I got to these last two pattern pages, I was feeling pretty lazy and was so ready to be finished with my hexagons.

The last two designs #179 and #180I just couldn't face doing all those tiny bike parts or musical notes--I am stitched out!
 So, being super lazy, I came up with two very simple designs of my own:
Stork Embroidery Scissor
I laid my scissor on the wool and traced it--one piece of wool.

Sad Iron
I just kind of eyeballed this from a Google image--that's why it looks weird!
But only 4 pieces--yay!!
180 designs DONE!!
I counted and recounted and could only come up with 179 wool hexagons---whaaaaat????
It took a while--a long while--for me to figure out where I went wrong.
 I had never duplicated the hexagon I used in this pillow--rats!
 So, you know what my Slow Sunday Stitching will be--the last hexagon!!!
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Slow Sunday Stitching


  1. Woohoo... the last one!
    Way to go!
    Love the stork scissors!

  2. Wow! 180 hexagons (well nearly) what an achievement!! Hope you get the last one finished.... what happens with them now? Can't wait to see!! :) x

  3. LOL! At least it is only one hexagon that you are missing. Love the pair of scissors. Definitely looks like the stork scissors. Creative.

  4. Almost there! Love the dresden plate hexagon but then I saw the scissors and iron. They are all just great!

  5. I love all your hexies! I would not have wanted to make that bicycle either. How creative you are to make the scissors and iron appliqu├ęs. Congratulations! You are on the last one!

  6. I SO admire your stick-to-itivness! Wonderful project!

  7. Congratulations for getting to the finish line! So cute!

  8. I really like the stork scissors. So realistic!

  9. Wahoo! A fantastic finsh. I love your last 2 hexies. The stork scissors are perfect.

  10. I LOVE your original designs. Some of the best ones!!

  11. Those original designs are fantastic ... love them!

  12. No offense to the designer, but I like your stork scissors and iron much better. Can't wait to see them all together - no pressure!

  13. LOVE your two original designs! I think it is wonderful that you added your own personal touches to the quilt.

  14. Lovely! The pine branch and the crane scissors are my favorite!

  15. Nice almost finish there lol--love your little scissors and the iron is cute, too...hugs, Julierose

  16. So close and yet so far!! Still an amazing effort. They look wonderful.

  17. Those are so cute! I especially love the stork scissors and the iron! Very nice!

  18. I love the details on those little stork scissors!

  19. I like the iron hexie! The scissors look great too. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with these.