Friday, April 17, 2015

Still A Mystery

I'm not sure where this week went!
 I've been super busy getting things ready for retreat: deciding what I will work on and doing some cutting in advance. 
My exchange four patches came in the mail last week. It's been so much fun going through them--so many fabrics that I wish I had more of! I already had a few ideas as to what I would make from them and I've spent a few evenings trimming them up as needed.
 This is one of my projects all cut and ready to pack up. 
I finished part 8 of the ThimbleCreek Mystery

Here are all the clues of the mystery so far--I have no idea where this could be going--do you??
A row quilt? A medallion?? Hmmmm....

And here is my very last wool hexagon --yay!!
I may not have time until I get back from retreat to put them up on my design wall and figure out how many side triangles I will need to cut, but I'm excited t get to it!!
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  1. That wool hexagon looks lovely! Did you hand stitch it?

  2. That wool hexagon looks lovely! Did you hand stitch it?

  3. I have been saving the directions for the Thimble Creek mystery but have not made any blocks. Interesting seeing all the parts laid out together. I wish I had some time to make the parts but I am busy on another quilt.

  4. Love your part 8 blocks of the Thimble Creek mystery quilt and your last hexagon is fabulous! I can't wait to see what you do with them!! Have a lovely quilt retreat! :) x

  5. I'm hoping it is a medallion but intrigued whatever! Your other projects look fun too. Thanks for joining up with #scraptastictuesday

  6. Weeks seem to fly by, yet the projects badly creep along. Why is that? But look at all you shared. The four patches should be fun to work with. I seem to see an idea hiding underneath. Great finish on the hexies.

  7. Your mystery blocks look very pretty together. It will be interesting to see what they become.
    Lovely hexie. Congrats on having them all made!

  8. Well done on the very last hexagon. Have a wonderful time at the retreat. I am interested to see what your mystery blocks turn into!

  9. The mystery is fascinating. I am so eager to see it come together! I'm also eager to see all of your wool hexies on the design wall so hop to it!

  10. Well this mystery is well worth the wait, so far the pieces are delightful!
    I adore the colours in that last wool hexi and love the extra embroidery, that's inspired doing it that way.

  11. So excited to get my 4 patches when I get to Mn! Looking forward to some fun with friends at camp!

  12. Ohh Such wonderful mystery blocks, I wonder how they'll all go together? Such a pretty wool hexie, I wonder if you'll miss making them seeing this is your last.

  13. Oh the Thimble Creek Mystery is looking great already, so are you rother projects.