Friday, April 3, 2015

Peaky and Spike--yikes!

I'm getting a few things ready for a retreat later this month.

One of the projects I want to work on requires a lot of these units;
Tri-Recs unit aka Peaky and Spike aka Triangle in Square
... from the orphan block bag.

I found my tool set and I was all set to start cutting my fabric.
Everything was pressed and ready to sub-cut into the required strips...

I had planned to use this method using my Tri-Recs tools, but then some little thought bubbled to the surface--didn't I have an Accuquilt die to cut these units?

Well, it turns out I did and it was exactly the size I needed--yay! 
 Once I had the strips cut to fit the die, I cut units for 80 blocks in about 10 minutes.
It may have gone faster if I hadn't reversed my darks and lights on one cutting--ack!
 I was cutting 4 layers and the die cuts two blocks at a time, so I have 8 un-usable units to go into my orphan block bag--rats. 
Fortunately the sewing went pretty quickly since the cutting was so accurate. 
My test block 9" finished--only 19 more to go! 


  1. Great that you remembered the die just in time!! Glad you got the fabrics cut more quickly but sorry that you made a mistake with some of the fabric. The block looks fabulous! :) x

  2. Oh, that looks slick! Love that block!
    I've cut some of the side units the wrong way using my tri-recs rulers. Frustrating.

  3. I don't have a die cutter, but when I hear good stories like yours, I think, "should I get one." Glad you remembered that you had the right die before you cut them out with the templates. It's a great block and the colors are very vintage looking. The blocks should sew up quickly. You've got the hard part done.

  4. Yay for the Accuquilt ... thankfully you remembered you had the proper dies at just the right moment. Whew! I love your blocks ... fantastic fabrics.

  5. Isn't that die wonderful? I used to shy away from that block until I got that die. Your blocks are fabulous.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Love these fabrics! Good going with remembering the accuquilt die! 10 min is SUPER quick for all those pieces!

  7. Great time saver with the cutting. Love the finished block.