Thursday, April 9, 2015


I thought I would do a quick update since I am going to gone all day Friday quilting with Sue Patten (and a trunk show in the evening).
 Saturday I have an all day gardening expo to attend. I have to admit I'm really feeling the Spring Fever now that the lake opened up !
Part 7 of the Thimble Creek Mystery

I gave up on the traditional piecing for my square in a square units.
 I'm half way through paper piecing them for my Devil's Claw quilt.
A painful decision, but totally necessary!
 And I'm a few more wool hexies closer to the end:
Holly and Swirl


Christmas Tree


Have a great weekend!!


  1. Those mystery blocks would make a great quilt all by themselves.
    My favorite of the little hexie ornaments is the wreath. Very pretty!

  2. Hello Karen! I just love visiting your blog to see what you are working on! All your projects are always so lovely! Hope you have a great time at both at your day with Sue Patten and the gardening show! Sounds like a great start to the weekend! :) x

  3. I rather like paper piecing, and I know that I can get better results with that method, so it's worth the extra time and effort for me.

  4. I struggle with those square in a square blocks too. One designer suggested using full squares rather than triangles for the corners. I need to try that as paper piecing is not my favorite though they come out great.

  5. So many little pieces in your mystery quilt!!
    I can see the end is very close with your hexies.

  6. Your Thimble Creek Mystery quilt looks very interesting! Love the new wool blocks.

  7. Spring fever is a tough one. I just want to be outside all day long!! Hey maybe I should bring my sewing machine outside!!