Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting There

I have a lot of "almost done" projects that just need a little more work.
Too bad I have other things distracting me from getting them completed.

The divided stars are sashed and put together--just a couple fun borders to go on this. 
My hexie table runner top is complete. Now I need to remove the papers and  do some quilting! 

Week Two of Words to Live By: fused and inked.
I am saving the blanket stitching  to work on at a sew-in on Tuesday.

I have been doing the inked word before I place the appliques in case I mess up.
This week, when I fused the wool pieces in place, my inked "Loyalty" disappeared. I thought maybe I hadn't let it set long enough, so I inked it in again, let it dry for a while and continued fusing the wool pieces.
Again "Loyalty" disappeared.
You have probably already figured out what I did, but I am a slow learner.
Yes, I finally actually looked at the pen. Yes, I had picked up my Frixion pen instead of the Pilot Permanent pen. Yeesh.
Hopefully now I have learned that lesson and won't repeat it!  

Week Two: Summer Blooms.
Fused and ready to stitch.
Thankfully no inking required here.  

Grandmother's Choice Block 40
Art Square
Grandmother's Choice Block 41
Contrary Wife


  1. Love your projects! Love the half blue/half white stars! The contrast is great. Great work!

  2. Gorgeous projects! All wonderful stitching and great color combos too!

  3. Wonderful projects, I especially love the star quilt.

  4. Lovely projects--those stars look wonderful and your Grandmother's Choice blocks are super! Have a great weekend...Julierose

  5. You always have such wonderful projects!! I love the Divided Stars quilt!! I don't think that I've ever seen that before. But all your projects are so inspiring!!

  6. Wow, some lovely quilts there! The blues are so pretty.

  7. Hi Karen - I'm doing the Words to Live By too. You word looks so nice. I did mine today and I'm not happy with it. Did you put freezer paper behind the word area first. I forgot to do that. I think that would of helped it from running. Nancy Pl

  8. I saw your posts on Esther's BOM yahoo group, thought I would check out who the other Karen was. Love the fabric bundle you showed in an earlier post :)

  9. Beautiful Divided Star. I've always wanted to make that pattern. Its on my list.. somewhere!

    Fuse and blanket stitch .. now that's my kind of applique (usually referred to as "the A word" lol!

    Those Grandmother's Choice blocks are also pretty cool. Dang, now I want to make that one too!

  10. Quite some time ago, I was going to make a divided star quilt but never did anything towards accomplishing that. I like the positive/negative of the design. Yours is looking very good.