Saturday, June 8, 2013

Diamond Diva!

I keep reading about the wonderful weather others are experiencing, but it just hasn't been happening here. I guess it's okay though--it gave me a chance to dig myself out the hole I am in at Colorz for Quilts.
Diamond Diva
I just finished up Diamond Diva by Anka's Treasures
It will be a model for the quilt shop.
The quilt requires 12 fat quarters and a little yardage for the applique diamonds and the background. 
There's very little waste, so it's a good way to use your fat quarters. 

The cutting is fast! So is the sewing--strip sets!

After making the pieced diamond, a raw edge diamond is added on top.

It was a little trying to get a good setting using just reds and grays.
I tried a random setting, but the reds and grays got clumped together. 
Piecing completed! Fast and fun.
Most of the fabrics are from Sweetwater's Mama Said Sew line by Moda.
I'm sure this will be a kit available at Colorz for Quilts soon.
And maybe a class??

Uh oh--I see on Facebook that Colorz got in some new purple Repro fabrics...

I may be making another model before the end of the month... 


  1. We just had a visit from Andrea, so our weather is VERY wet at the moment. I wish you could have some nice days! I love the quilt!

  2. Gray, gloomy, rainy, cool--that's not the weather we want in May and June here in the upper Midwest, but what can we do?
    Just quilt and take our minds off the outdoors.
    Love this pattern by Heather M.P. and these fabrics look great. Sometimes random doesn't quite do it right, does it?
    I'm trying to be a good girl, not buying more fabric, ignoring new books and patterns, but you got me at "strip sets" and "very little waste." I'll be looking for the pattern for sure.