Monday, February 25, 2013

Sew Along Progress

I sewed all weekend and now I have to pay the price--
Monday will be cleaning day (and it's way overdue!).
Maybe Tuesday too. ;-(
Grandmother's Choice
 Block 26: Ladies Wreath
Row One of the Leesburg Sew Along
at the Jo Morton Yahoo Group
The rows will be set with a strip of border print between them,
so I am trying to decide if I should use this dark navy part of my border print...
Or this lighter blue section of the border print. 
Yippee! The Easy Street blocks have been put together and bordered!
I like this so much on our bed,
I am considering adding another border to make it larger
 (there isn't much hanging over the far edge).

I'm thinking maybe some flying geese to make points on the blue blocks of the border.
Can you see the stars now?
Here they are!


  1. Your Easy street top looks fabulous! Sewing all weekend sounds lovely! Someday... :0)

  2. Easy Street turned out so nice. I don't blame you for wanting it for your own bed.

  3. Easy Street is soooo pretty!! And those blocks are great in those colorways!! Julierose

  4. Your Easy Street is nice. I contemplated adding more (making it 16 large blocks instead of the nine) to make it king-sized, but then got realistic about how much more I wanted to do.

  5. wow I really do love your easy street. Such beautiful colors.