Friday, February 8, 2013

Reverse Sewing

My Number Six top (Easy Street) just hasn't been calling my name.

 I'd much rather be working on my Number One: Paper Dolls. 

So, being the procrastinator that I am, instead of working on Easy Street, I finished piecing  the Paper Doll blocks:
Forty nine Paper Doll Blocks!

Actually, I ended up making six extra blocks. I will be able to make a second smaller version or I could make one more block and add an eighth row. I'm not sure what the dimensions will be with an extra row, so that part will be determined later. I do have the pieces for a seventh block cut out except for part of the background--I guess I had run out of fabric ( I really need to start writing myself some notes!). 

After I marked all my rows, I took the Paper Doll blocks off of the design wall and put up the Easy Street blocks I had started.

First Star Block of Easy Street with low contrast star points
It's not you, the photo is blurred--sorry! 
 You may remember that I hadn't been happy with the low contrast of my brown star points. Just for fun, I stuck some waste triangles on the star points to see how they would look with lighter fabric.

Uh oh....

 Now that I have seen how the stars are popping, I am going to have to do something about it,
 or it will drive me nuts.


I spent a bit over an hour reverse sewing these Easy Street block components .

That didn't take too long!

Sadly, I have twelve of these setting triangles to take apart.

But only four of these corners--yay! 


  1. Karen,
    I LOVE the pop of the white triangles, too, I also know that "Uh oh" feeling that you know is going to cost you so much work, but in the end is so worth it. I'm in the process of making more blocks for Easy Street to make it King-sized. I'm not working too hard on it, though.

  2. Hi karen--Love those paper dolls--sooo cute! I can see why they called you over to play (lol)! So far, we have 4" of snow, 25mph winds and much more to come when the "real big" storm forms and hits us tonight. I played a little on the machine this morning--I figure our power will go out this evening. Stay safe and warm...Julierose

  3. The lighter star points really sparkle. You'll be glad you made the change.