Saturday, March 2, 2013

Clean Up Week

It's amazing what you can come across when you start moving things around in the sewing room! I spent two days cleaning and organizing what had turned into a nightmare.
  I also did some cleaning in the rest of the house, but that's not fun to talk about.

Anyway, now I can move around again and have some empty spaces to work on--yay!

Top priority for this coming week:  recover my ironing board. 
It is truly disgusting! I've had to wash a couple of light fabrics after getting them too moist and transferring scorched starch onto them, so it's way past time for a new cover.
Those threads are actually glued to the surface--yuck!
I found a few things that I wanted to get closer to completion, 
so I made bindings and pieced backs for these four tops. 
Luckily I had stored the binding fabrics with the tops so I didn't have to do any digging for those!
Now I just need to get myself motivated to quilt these.
I also got the back and binding together for this project:
Yes! I got my Temecula rows sewn together and bordered.
I think this will be the first project on the quilting machine--I'm excited to see it quilted.
I set up design boards for the next eight blocks for the Leesburg Sew Along:
These will be fun to piece.....
I may work on them later today. 
I made the March blocks for the Country Threads Sew Along:
My favorite blocks for this project, so far.
I think the tan chicken fabric will be perfect in this quilt. 
And because I did all that organizing, 
Number Nine: My Kim Diehl table runner.
The goal for this month is to get it quilted and bound.

The perfect end to a busy week:
this came in the mail from Andover--so pretty!
I won this in a drawing at Kathy Tracy's blog
A Sentimental Quilter
I was lucky number 17.
(scroll down to the end of her post to check out hilarious Ryan Gosling photos)
The fabric is  Chateau 
Chambray by Renee Nanneman

I'm off the try out a diabetic peach dessert recipe for Mr. Moosebay--he his really missing  his sweets!

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