Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sew Far, Sew Good!

I kept up with my sew-along blocks for this week. 

The February block instruction were posted at Country Threads. So far, these blocks are pretty easy and the big ones use up a lot of that stash fabric!
No green homespun in the stash. Well, not one that I liked. 

The Temecula five week sew-along post went up on Friday. I'm not a fan of the square in a square block, since mine usually end up skewed, but I went heavy on the sizing and they came out okay.

I haven't decided what fabric I will use between the rows. 

Surprisingly, my Grandmother's Choice block went together like a dream. It took longer to select fabrics than it did to sew up the block. 
Block 23 Girl's Joy
I enjoy reading the Barbara Brackman Civil War Quilts blog, but (so far) have refrained from starting any of the blocks for the Dixie Diary quilt. I am REALLY tempted to do this one though. If I start now, I would only be two blocks behind!
Dixie Diary Quilt
 features a heart or star in each applique block.
Since I worked ahead on the Jo Morton Yahoo group Leesburg sew-along, I won't need to make any blocks for a few more weeks. 

Pinned Image

 So many sew-along's--soooo little time! 

It's always a lot of fun to participate in a sew-along, but I am trying to resist getting in over my head.

 I was really tempted to join in on Lori Holt's Row-Along. If I started this one,  I could use up some of my 30's reproduction fabrics.

Lori's Row-Along: Row 10
Instructions HERE

And if you missed out on the Just Takes 2 Red and White sew-along last year, they are starting a new one this month. It features twenty School House blocks with a space for different pieced designs.

I really had to give myself a stern talking to so I wouldn't start cutting fabrics for this one. I already have an unfinished top with the same idea: Ryokan. But the schoolhouse version  is fun and would look great scrappy (stash burner!).

Ryokan: Still not quilted!
Thank goodness I abhor paper piecing, or I would totally be whipping up these cute blocks. I don't have the charming fabrics that are used in the examples--that's my excuse for not getting in on this one!

find instructions for these blocks HERE

I know that are lots of other sew along things going on, but I am trying my best to avoid adding more to my list!
Okay, I may be making a Dixie Diary block--but just one. Maybe more..... 


  1. Lovely new roll for the Temecula Sew a long! Those Vintage Block quilt along blocks are wonderful - very tempting :0)

  2. I know what you mean about the sew-a-longs. They are hard to resist. I opted out for the newest Temecula one but I sure love the way yours is turning out.

  3. I'm loving your Temecula blocks in Minick and Simpson. That is giving me an idea... I just found your blog and was reading through. I really like the colors of your Easy Street, too. I used red, cream, and 2 blues, so they are sort of similar. I'm looking forward to reading more from you and I'm your newest follower!

  4. I started following your blog a few days ago and I am having so much fun looking at all your projects and sew alongs. I have never done a sew along - trying to get the nerve up to join in. By the way, I live about 20 minutes from the Temecula Quilt Company. Great little store!