Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wish Quilt Eye Candy

Warning: Lots of pictures ahead!

Monday was the second Stitch Therapy meeting for 2013. Wow! So many creative versions and so many over achievers (I can relate to those)! We talked about reverse applique that could be used for some of the blocks and also some different options for the satin stitched areas.

Over Achiever Number One--first block finished! 
I wish this hadn't blurred--dark charcoal on cream--cool! 

The dreaded satin stitch--but she is using up thread fast!

Such a sweet block!

Not everyone is doing the Wish Quilt. These are designs from an on-line German stitchery group.
In order to get the next month's pattern, you must send a photo of the previous month's design finished. 

Okay, she isn't making a lot of progress, but it's because she's been knitting beautiful scarves!

Another sweet one!
Teapots instead of Santa--very pretty!

I had to make this one larger so you could see the tiny stitches.
Denise is using printable Tranfer-eze because she has such a dark background.
 After stitching, it will rinse away with warm water.

I'm loving all the different background choices! This guy's a cutie!

Tinting instead of satin stitch and ready to embroider.

On to block two!

All the components to Block One are pieced and ready to put together--you can see a peek of them under Santa.

The variegated thread has a cool effect here. 

Over achiever two--she's on to her SECOND set of blocks!!
The fabric in front is a white on white that has been antiqued. I am going to be trying this!

Nice satin stitch using the variegated thread.

Over Achiever number three--check out all those blocks!!

Sorry--another blurred one, but a fun idea. The beard and fur are done with white floss-clever!

These will be a set of Christmas dish towels!

One foot to go! 

I had to show a close-up of this one--all tinted with different colors!
I can't wait to see all these quilts come together! It's amazing how many different versions there are going to be made from the same pattern--it's going to be a fun year at Stitch Therapy! 


  1. what a festive group. I copied the Santa pattern online but I can't remember where. Could you tell me the name of this quilt and I'll do some searching. thanks

  2. That's quite a big group working on embroideries. I like the one done with variegated thread and really like the tinted one.

  3. beautiful blocks, oh I could see how easily that could become addictive making stitchery blocks into quilts :)