Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was planning to post some photos of my meager Valentine decorating that I usually have out, but I never got around to do any decorating. I finally had to stop everything I've been working on and do some cleaning and organizing. It just wasn't possible to do a thing in my sewing room until I made some working space. I'm sure you can relate!
Cute idea--on my maybe list. 
Mr. Moosebay and I decided that we would not exchange gifts for Valentine's Day since we pretty much buy ourselves whatever we want AND candy is forbidden in our house now that he has been diagnosed with diabetes. Well, he can still have a little, but it's less dangerous if we don't have any around the house--for me as well as Mr. Moosebay!
I do love these--only once a year though.
Since we were both shopping together and ended up in the greeting card aisle, we chose our respective Valentine cards, showed them to each other and replaced them on the rack. Is that wrong??

I found  a few Valentine related projects that I bookmarked around the web though-- I hope you enjoy them!

A very pretty applique heart design from Laundry Basket Designs (Edyta Sitar)can be found here:

I've made similar hearts like these for my Scandinavian Christmas tree.

Some very cool woven heart designs--I've made the plain strip ones but have never seen anything like these. I think they would be fun to make with the kids: HERE

I found the above paper heart link through Barbara Brackman's post about pieced woven hearts HERE

Pinned Image
I've had this on my Pinterest board for ages--so cute!

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