Monday, February 16, 2015

Stitching Society Overload!

I realized yesterday that I had no wool hexagons prepared to work on, so the little bit of cleaning and clearing that I had done was all for naught!
I have all the parts and pieces cut out for the Final Thirty Stitching Society hexagons--yay!
(I put papers from an old notepad between the hexagons as I set them up so the pieces don't stick to the back of the one on top. I've accidentally fused a few pieces to my ironing surface before I started using the papers!)

The Robin
(These aren't the best photos--too dark in the sewing room and too cold to be outside!)

Forget Me Knots



Saltbox House

Fleur de Lis

Folk Art Flower

Folk Art Tulip
Dots and Daisy
Heart with Flower

Flower Medallion
 The plan today is to get the Final Thirty fused and ready to stitch! 


  1. These are AMAZING. I just love the detail and the stitching you've added. That fleur de lis is making me swoon!

  2. they are all so lovely! My fave is that Saltbox house with the weeping willow--I am a sucker for tree embroideries...loopy branches etc. Also I like the Thistle.a lot. I wouldn't want to have to choose as they are all pretty. Hugs,Julierose

  3. The thistles and the shamrocks are my favorites!

  4. WOW These are gorgeous! Was there a master pattern you are following...I think I am coming late to this party. I LIKE!
    D.G. L

  5. Your photos are great, are you kidding? And how cute are those hexies!

  6. Those are the best hexie wool designs. Each one is just perfect.

  7. So many pretties, but I have to say--those thistles look amazing!

  8. OH I do love these!!! I might just have to put the tatting aside and work on some of these

  9. where do you get your patterns from??? or do you just wing it??

  10. Another gorgeous group. I love the forget me nots and the thistle!

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  13. How do you get the patterns for these. I am really interested