Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lemoyne Star Sampler

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you set a deadline for yourself! My class sample for the Lemoyne Star is quilted and bound and off to the quilt shop today--whew!
Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Sampler (pattern included with the tool).
I changed the border a bit so I could add a little more of the cheddar. Instead of the 4" Rapid Fire Lemoyne Stars in the corners, I substituted 3" stars so the border didn't get too big after adding the inner border. I had to try a couple of fussy cut versions of the stars--fun!

To meet my deadline, I just quilted an overall Cinnamon roll pattern.
It went pretty quickly!

I used my lucky Aurifil # 2150 orange thread and I love the way it looks on this quilt.
I tested several other colors by "puddling" them on the quilt top and the orange won!

Surprisingly, the orange didn't seem to overwhelm the light areas or look too light on the dark areas. Also, my machine loves Aurifil thread--I seem to get a much nicer stitch when I use it.
And I love these little 3" stars!
Susan let me know yesterday that my class was almost full, so to make this sample useful, I may need to teach it a few more times--haha!
Since I almost froze my tootsies off getting a picture this morning, I am going to show both shots--just because!


  1. It turned out lovely. The orange Auriful thread is just the right touch.

  2. Aren't these fun to make once you get that ruler??? Have fun in class...they will love this technique!

  3. Very pretty! Love that pop of orange.

  4. Orange is a favorite of mine, and I love how you used it here. Very pretty little quilt. : )

  5. I love how you've mixed LeMoyne stars of all sizes in your quilt! It will be a fun class to see stars twinkling everywhere. The orange thread was a brilliant choice, it's just right!

  6. Gorgeous! Love the fabrics and the different sized stars! The orange for the quilting thread is the perfect accent! As they say, the icing on the cake! :-) Sure wish I could attend the class! :-)

  7. Wonderful result. What a great class to teach. Love all the different fabrics you have used, too.

  8. Your quilt is stunning...absolutely love it!!

  9. I always look forward to your blog! I love all you do! Wish I lived closer to take your class:(

  10. I too thought immediately that the orange thread was such a compliment to your finish!! Love this finsh!