Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mission Accomplished

As usual, I am down to the wire with my UFO finish for the month!
But, I am pretty relieved proud that I finished at least one (okay, probably just one) each month--twelve quilt tops out of the UFO bin--yay! 
There was a little sunlight and even less snow, so I decided to take photos outside--wish it was still warm too!

Over the River and Through the Woods pattern by Crabapple Hill Studio.
I competed the embroidery and piecing in 2008--the top hung for a couple years at Colorz for Quilts....

...so it was about time to bring it out of the bottom of the bin and make it into a quilt!
The embroidery was done with brown floss on a sampler print from Blackbird Designs

It's always so hard to decide how to quilt embroidered blocks.For the lyrics block, I Googled the sheet music for the song and quilted the notes above and below the embroidery.
I don't read music, so I hope it's accurate!

 I decided to just enhance the landscapes...

and do plumes and scrolls in the flying geese.
I'm so happy to have this one done--and it only took six years!

I couldn't resist using my "Punch-card Sale" postcard at Gruber's, so on Friday Mr. Moosebay and I took a little road trip to St. Cloud.
I'm concentrating on adding to my homespun stash---I have a plan.
I only purchased about eight yards--well--maybe more like nine--oops!


  1. Your finish is lovely! The quilting choices are perfect! Enjoy an art piece well done :-)
    Happy New Year!

  2. I love seeing that quilt done with the blue geese and brown floss. It gives it a softer, more comforting look. It's hard how to decide how to quilt over embroidrey. I like what you decided and including the music was a cute idea. Great job on this finish and all the other ones this year.

  3. This is a wonderful finish for the end of the year! I am impressed with 12 UFOs being finished for the year!! I'd be very happy with that.

  4. What a nice way to finish off the year! Love your fabric choices and the embroidery looks so pretty! Happy New Year!

  5. Love love love your quilting! This pattern is on my bucket list, hope I can make it as beautiful as you have done.

  6. Beautiful stitching and quilting...great finish!

  7. Nice, nice, nice. The pieced blocks complement the embroidered rows. I have been tempted to purchase the pattern but have a couple other large embroidery design patterns that I haven't cone.

  8. Your quilting choices with the embroidery are all very special and fun to see. The music notes are especially whimsical and so appropriate. Great idea! I'll share this with 3 or 4 friends who have all finished the "Over The River" project. They'll wish they'd done the same thing.
    Happy New Year from me in chilly IA to you in chillier MN, Karen. Your forecast has some frigid days ahead, I see. Hopefully winter will be over quickly.

  9. That is so gorgeous! I want to tackle that one if I ever finish Hocuspocusville.