Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Little Bit of Christmas

 So far, this is the extent of my Christmas decorating. 
I'm just not feeling it this year, obviously!
I finally put up my mantle cloth I showed a while back HERE.

I probably wouldn't  have this much decorating done if I hadn't recently finished the mantle cloth and not packed it away yet.
And I just got the sign in the mail.
 I needed a few notions from Joann's so I added the sign to my shopping cart (it's all about the free shipping!).
 Merry Christmas to me!

I can see now that I need to straighten out the mantle cloth!
This year we are doing our family Christmas early (this coming Sunday!) at my brother Dave's house, so I don't really feel the need to do much more decorating.
Well, maybe a little more.....! 


  1. I haven't decorated yet either. Cleaning my house should happen first and so far, I'd rather sew :-) Your mantle cloth turned out lovely!

  2. Glad to see someone else is doing minimal decorating. I'd love to decorate to the fullest but I have my 2 yr. old grandson here for Christmas and although he's a darling - he tears everything apart. It's just too discouraging to decorate. I really like your mantle cloth. Have a Happy Christmas on Sunday.

  3. I love the mantle cloth! It was hard for me to get out the decorations this year, but I did some, although not all. Merry Christmas!

  4. What you have done is lovely.
    I must admit to doing very little this year. Because we are away for Christmas I can't see much point. I will only have to pack it up when we come back. (Does that sound like Scrooge?)

  5. Your mantle cloth is lovely. No Christmas decorations at my house either as we are going to Australia, and no family coming here! Have a great Christmas!

  6. Your mantle cloth is beautiful! And I hope you enjoy your early Christmas!

  7. I love your minimalist approach and the gorgeous mantle cloth, I'm also keeping it very low key this year as we are not having Christmas lunch here this year.