Thursday, December 11, 2014

Scrappy Patches

A while back Lori of Humble Quilts had a sew along for an adorable little quilt. She has had several sew along's and you can see some of them here.
I went so far as to get out my boxes of squares...these are the 2.5"

These are the rest that measure under 5"--there's a layer of 1.5"squares in the bottom

Well, I never got around to starting Lori's little mystery, but one morning I saw THIS BLOCK on Lori Holt's blog.
Since I have a plethora of 1.5" squares I decided to try it out with my scraps in a smaller size. 

Yes, that mess above is just these 2 components (x8) laid out on my block board to make one Crossroads block.

Using my medium/dark 1.5" squares and 2.5' light squares, my block is half the size of Lori's.
It finishes at 8"and I think it's pretty cute!

I cooked up a couple layouts in EQ7 using a straight set (35 blocks) and on point (32 blocks).
They both finish at just about the same size--I'm leaning toward the straight set on the left

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  1. I love the rich colors in your block. Either layout this quilt will be fabulous!!

  2. Looks fantastic. Hope you do keep going! Thanks for joining in the #scraptastictuesday link up!

  3. Pretty "little" block. Couldn't resist a pun.

  4. Thank you for the link to the tutorial of this block. Never figured it would be so simple. Love the look of your block!

  5. This block looks great. Well done to use up your scraps.

  6. Very striking! I love this block!
    I cut out the squares for steps one and two of Lori's SAL and never got any farther. : )

  7. Love your block. You have the start of a great quilt here!

  8. This looks really good! Love how you're making good use of your squares.:)