Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Book Report

I seem to have quite a stack of new book piling up on my quilting table--I thought I would share a few!
Well, this isn't a book obviously.
 I won this pile of very generous half yard cuts during the Henry Glass blog hop to introduce their new book A Flair for Fabric.

I also won an virtual (e-book) copy of the book which featured quilts designed by Henry Glass fabric designers such as Kim Diehl, Buggy Barn, and Heather Mulder Peterson (just to name a few!).
There are great designs in the book--made with Henry Glass fabrics, of course! 

I also won this book from Debby Kratovil in September.
I found it very interesting--I learned a lot about the history of our national anthem that I never knew!

Okay, back to quilts!
My sister's and I usually go for gift cards for our birthdays--easy to mail!
My sister Mary gifted me with an Amazon card this year, so I picked up a couple books that I had in my Wish List.

I've had a lot of fun reading about this crazy silk coverlet!
 It's the oldest dated piece of patchwork in Britain--very fragile!
There are patterns for the 69 blocks that make up the design--I think it would look great recreated with Cherrywood fabrics. 

This is one filled with fun scrappy quilts.
You know I love scrappy!

The back of the book gives you some idea of what's inside--there are several quilts I would love to make from this book!


  1. Oh how I love quilt books, and those look right up my alley. I was excited to see the last one by Christiane Meunier as she seems to have disappeared the last few years. Good to know her books are still available.

  2. That last book is very intriguing. I love the trees on the cover. Look forward to seeing which one you decide to begin. . .

  3. Love the fabric you won. There is a good bit of fun in that!
    The books look very interesting!

  4. What a wonderful array of books. They all look interesting! I'm off to check out the last book, A Few of My Favourite Quilts!