Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Own Tiny Lemoyne Stars

Last Autumn,  I shared a few quilt show photos that I was quite taken with--tiny Lemoyne Star quilts all set differently:

I assumed that the stars had been hand pieced  or sewn with inset seams, but my friend Sharyn clued me in to how they really were made.

 If you look closely at the star block, you can see the seam through the light squares--turns out they are cut from strip sets using a special ruler!

Of course I had to search out a ruler for myself--it's the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler that you can find HERE.
There is also a video that show you how to use it HERE.
  Deb Tucker (who invented the ruler) demonstrates how to use it--much better than I can show you!
Of course it also comes with thorough instructions.
My one tip: put a dab of rubber cement on the underside tip of the ruler.
When it is completely dry, you will have much less slipping of fabric at that narrow point when cutting your strip sets.
Aren't they cute? 


  1. Oh wow, I love them! Make anything small and I swoon. Hmm. I was aware of this ruler but didn't think I wanted any LeMoyne Star blocks. After seeing your examples (especially the first quilt) I may have to rethink.

  2. Just darling stars! I love them set on point in the zig zag setting. How do you think you will set many are you going to make!

  3. Lovely! They look so precise too! Off to check out that ruler. 😊

  4. Oh my gosh, adorable little blocks!!

  5. What a very cool ruler and technique. That first quilt is really beautiful and the border just pulls it all together.

  6. The diamond border shown in the first picture is a good choice for the quilt. Wow!

  7. They are very cute!! That ruler sounds brilliant, and your blocks are proof that it works. With all those wonderful examples of quilts how will you decide on a layout? :)

  8. i love the Lemoyne Star block! I love any quilt that has them! Great tip about the cement on the ruler. Thanks for sharing such pretty quilts!