Sunday, July 13, 2014

Flower Show

I haven't made much progress in the sewing/quilting department this week.
 I was inspired to do some gardening after visiting the Munsinger/Clemons gardens in St. Cloud on Tuesday. It was a beautiful day to tour the gardens!
Since I took about a 100 photos, I'll just show some of the fountains or statuary to start.
The Renaissance Fountain with Cranes

A beautiful bronze of Virginia and Bill Clemons.

We were lucky to find so many flowers at their peak.
 I have so many plants to add to my "want list" for my gardens.

There were gorgeous urns like this in almost every garden "room".

Luckily for the gardens,
 there didn't seem to be any evidence of deer in the vicinity, but there were a couple ducks!

Sherry and Sandi admire the shade/rock garden near the fountain shown above.
The Mississippi River is in the background. 
After visiting the gardens, we had lunch at Panera Bread--yummy!
 I sure wish we had one close to home. 
And of course we couldn't leave the area without a stop at Gruber's Quilt Shop--over all a super fun day.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! This looks like it was a great place to visit!