Thursday, July 17, 2014

Paper Doll Quilt? Finished!!

I have had such a great morning!
 I had a short visit by a cardinal hopping on the balcony railing--too short to grab the camera, though. Cardinals are few and far between in our neighborhood. I think I've only seen 3 or 4 in the fifteen years we've lived here, so it was quite a treat to have him drop by!
These are my Miracle Morning Glories.
 Two weeks ago, the trellis was blown over by a huge gust of wind and took the Morning Glories with it, roots and all. Fortunately. I was close by when it happened and replanted them ASAP. I have been watering them everyday since. You can see the leaves are a bit beat up, but this week it started blooming.
 I'm so happy--looks like the Morning Glories are too! 
I persuaded Mr. Moosebay Jr. to hold my finished Paper Dolls quilt over the deck railing for a photo this morning.
 This is my July UFO--wow--completed with 2 weeks to spare!
My friend Miriam suggested a much lighter border than what I had planned to use--I'm so glad I listened to her--love the tan with my scrappy binding.
I put my scallop rulers to work on this quilt in the border and on the dresses. 

I was a little tricky quilting around the kerchiefs--I had to pin them out of the way.

I used to love playing with paper dolls as a child and this quilt was just as much fun.

I loved putting together the fabrics for the dresses and hats.

I used an extra block for the label on the back.
 The Paper Dolls quilt is all about the hats! There were only a few shapes in the pattern, so I drew up a few more--here's the fashion show:
I got a chance to use my new Martha Stewart hydrangea punch too!
These are the tiny flowers from the punch.

This is the large hydrangea flower. 

This flower is just a circle with little nips to make petals.

This is one of those little pre-made ribbon flowers from JoAnne's. 

Update: for more information on the Paper Doll quilt pattern, see my earlier post HERE


  1. Absolutely adorable quilt! Hugs, Julierose

  2. Hey Karen did you realize that ads are coming up on the verification block and you cannot print out the numbers??? I had to go back 3 times...just thought you might want to know julierose

  3. Your paper dolls are seriously cute!! The hats are very fun :0)

  4. Love the whole thing...but especially the hats!!!!(I have just a few hats myself).
    Is the name of the pattern PaperDoll and can you tell me who puts it out?

  5. That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!

  6. Your little quilt is adorable! I love the little fashion show your dolls put on. I've never seen the punch you mentioned - it made lovely little flowers that are perfect for your dollies!

  7. A fabulous quilt! I adore the hair and embellishments lol
    I recall way back in hippy days, folks ate the seeds of the morning glories to get high! they took them off the market for a while, so lovely to see them back in favour as flowers lol

  8. I love the paper doll quilt. Would you mind sharing the name and source of the pattern?

  9. Oh my goodness...I LOVE this! Too cute!

  10. I absolutely love it! I have never heard of this pattern before.

  11. Hello Karen, I love this paper doll quilt and have duplicated it as best as I can - a project for the lockdown during Covid 19! However I am having difficulty constructing the little headscarves- can you give me some guidance on this please?

  12. This is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of the quilts my deceased sister and recently my mom, had made. I always wanted to even a quilt. A long time ago (40+ years) my sister made me a quilt but I had little input on the design.

    If you ever decide to sell this quilt or others like this quilt I would love to purchase one. I have Multiple Scelerosis and my mom and sister say I should keep with the music. Well at 60 and with the disease for 32+ years, I can do some gardening and some hand built ceramics.

    I admire people who are gifted like this.



  13. Need to know where to get this pattern.