Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Catching Up.....

Bonnie and Connie from Quilt Haven on Main in Hutchinson, MN did a trunk show at the Pinetree Patchworker's guild meeting last night.
 Did I remember my camera? 
No, I did not--my bad! 
Bonnie had some door prizes to give out--I won this kit!
 Awesome sauce!!
The shop is located in the same spot that used to house the Thimbleberries Studio. I've been to Quilt Haven and it's a wonderful shop--I can't wait to do some shopping there in August when I will be in Hutchinson. By the way, they have an awesome quilting space on the upper level with wonderful lighting---you and your friends can sew there for free! 
Last night my friend Marilyn gave me a bag filled with these little packets.
They are for a Block of the Month she signed up for in 2004-2005.
Luckily for me, she has decided she won't be doing the blocks and passed them on to me!
Be still my heart!  
I had so much fun today going through all the fabrics.
They are right up my alley, for sure!
I probably won't be using the fabrics to make the Block of the Month blocks, but the patterns are going to be a lot of fun to read.
There's a little history lesson attached to each block from many different eras of our country's past. 

A lot of the block patterns are pretty cool too. I'd like to make quilts out of several of them.
Thanks Marilyn---you made my week! 
A few more pics from the Clemons gardens.
 One of the gardens was planted with all white flowers--very peaceful and beautiful!
This clematis was especially gorgeous and loaded with flowers. 

I had never seen double lilies before. They are so pretty--just a hint of pink at the edges of the petals.

Oops--this may have been from the yellow garden.
I had never seen these double cone flowers before either--very fun!

This is another plant I've never seen. None of us knew what it was and it wasn't labeled.
Any ideas?


  1. That is fun to repurpose kit fabrics...and what pretty fabrics they are!!

  2. Oh bonus fabric blocks, whats not to be thrilled about lol how exciting!
    I've never seen double lilies either, those are beautiful!
    And no obvious stamens there which poison cats of course sadly.
    Did they have a scent too?

  3. It is nice when a quilting friend passes on their unwanted projects and kits. I have had many bestowed on me over time. Even if you don't use the fabric for what it was intended, you can end up with another great quilt.