Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wooly Week!

It seems like I am up to my elbows in wool this week. 
I've finished block 5 of Sunflower Gatherings....
And have started stitching block 6.
FYI: The instructions say to cut 8 each of the tiny leaves and purple berries--you need more than that depending on whether you go by the photo or the pattern drawing. Also, they forgot to include a pattern for the wing--I cut my own from the extra piece of wool in the packet.

A few more of my June Stitch Society hexies are complete--I may get to the July designs soon!
The Trike

The Lamb

Mr. Hedgehog

Aspen Leaves

I have my July UFO on the HQ16--now to find the time to start quilting! 


  1. Love that Sunflower Gatherings block! Is this a kit?? It is lovely work you have done here Karen....I have 3 larger quilts to 1) Sea glass--machine quilt and bind; 2) Woven women to finish tying and bind; and 3) my latest debacle: "Where in the World--to sew together, machine and bind and then, then, then, I am caught up!! YAY...and can start on a new project with no backlog! I HATE backlogs...hugs, Julierose

  2. OMG you are so far ahead of me on Sunflower Gatherings. Every year I vow to keep up and then fall behind. Lisa has a link to the pattern for the wing on her blog today and will include it in the next pattern for those of us who are behind.

  3. I am so intrigued with those wool hexagon blocks. I know I have said it before but worth repeating.

  4. Just love your Sunflower Gatherings, too tempting!