Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You Might Remember This

Grandmother's Choice Block 30 Broad Arrow
This was my first version.
Barbara had this one listed as an alternate option. I think it's a lot more fun!

You may remember my Easy Street fiasco and the pile of brown triangles I removed from the quilt top and then decided I would pair up with squares from my scrap box. After moving them around on my cutting table for several weeks, it was time to sit down and sew!

I ended up with 128 Half Square Triangles.
This setting uses 120.
Whoa! It sure gets small when you sew these guys together!
I thought I would use the eight leftover HST's at the corners in the border....
...but decided I liked them this way better to extend the points.
I hand quilted in concentric lines in the fold of the triangles extending through the border.
I decided to use a scrappy binding.
 Yeah, I have a box of binding scraps, too. 
I really like the way the colors sparkle against the browns.
I'm glad I didn't throw those brown triangles away! 


  1. What a great way to use up leftover triangles - it looks wonderful! I am wondering... how big is your finished quilt?

  2. Love it! Every color seems to go with brown.

  3. Bite your tongue, woman---talking about throwing away half square triangles???!! ;D This is gorgeous. :)

  4. Love your quilt. Heard about your blog on Small Quilt Talk. Hugs

  5. Love the way you extended the triangles out in to the border. It really turned out nice~

  6. What an awesome quilt, and you are right, the colors really sparkle with the brown.

  7. Came over from Small Quilt Talk. Wow! What a great repurposing of small hall sq triangles. Yes, they do sparkle. Yes to extending in the borders. Wonderful finish! How big are the squares when finished? Not really big from what I remember the triangles were on Easy St. Pat your self on the back and go forth to piece and quilt some more!

  8. I like the little quilt you made. Very pretty!