Thursday, March 14, 2013

Forging Ahead

Since the snow seems to be never ending here, there is plenty of time for guilt free sewing. 
Anyway, it seems kind of dangerous to leave the house with this stuff ready to drop off the eaves at any time.

I took this pic yesterday--today the icicles are fused to the log railing.
It will be a while before Mr. Moosebay can remove those snowflake lights. 
In the meantime, I've been working on my Number Nine Kim Diehl table runner. I'm hand quilting it with a Big Stitch (all of my quilting is big stitch, actually, and not intentionally) using the Valdani pearl cotton and the size 5 embroidery needle that Kim recommended. 
Size 8 variegated Valdani Pearl Cotton color number P4
I have my scrappy binding ready to put on the finished tablerunner. Kim suggested using various short pieces put together with straight seams. She cuts her strips 3" wide so she can turn more to the back and have a chunkier binding on the reverse side. 
I am using left over 2.5" jelly roll strips.
And if I can keep myself from fondling my latest addition to my stash, I may get a few other things done this weekend!  
Jo Morton's latest line: Blue Variety
I wish you could see it in person--gorgeous!!

I couldn't help myself ! The problem is the little button at the top of the page HERE that says: "add a half yard of each fabric to my cart". Yes, please!
Then while checking out, I had to update the cart and get  whole yards of the two shirtings and 2.5 yards of the toile--you know I love toile!!!

 Well, luckily for all of you (or maybe sadly), I see that the pesky "Add All" button is gone since they've sold out of a lot of the fabrics already. I'm not sure how the Old Country Store does it, but these new fabrics are only $8.75 a yard--about two bucks less than I've seen every where else. That means you can buy more, right? 


  1. Love love your table runner Karen! I have problems with doing big stitch because i was conditioned when learning to hand applique to small stitch. You are very lucky.

    I saw those fabrics and loved them and knew a friend that they would be perfect for, so I had forwarded that to her I am sure she bought lots too. They are simple perfect for the East Basket.

  2. Such a cute runner. I love the look of big stitch quilting. I need to try it.

  3. What gorgeous fabric colors you've used in #9. So very beautiful.. Your handstitches will be wonderful.

  4. I started that table runner, but never finished it. I came across it in the latest move and pitched it. I'm really liking yours! We used to get gigantic icecicles when we lived in Alaska--companies were even hired to "safely" remove them from commercial buildings so they wouldn't injure anyone. I have to admit that I'm drooling over that Jo Morton collection, too, and what is it about bird toiles that has me in love lately? Have a great day!

  5. Now you've done it :0 I didn't even know about this store !! Now look where i'll have to spend some of dear hubby's money---(great prices, thanks bunches for mentioning the store :D)