Friday, March 29, 2013

I Tried to Resist!

Every time my friend Denise brings something to a meeting in one of her adorable little fabric baskets, 
I have basket envy. 
I've told myself over and over that I don't need one of them no matter how cute they are, 
but....well, you know.

These would make really fun little Easter baskets,
or you can use them for lots of other stuff like I did! 

My first attempt using American Jane scraps.
Perfect for holding a charm pack and pattern.
Charm pack and pattern from Sandy Gervais
I won them in drawing on her blog.
Well, that was fun--so..I made another without the pieced section.
Can you believe this Anna Griffin fabric is in the clearance area at Colorz?
I think it's SEW cute! 
Perfect for holding some hexie tools.
Well, then I had to use up what's left of the two fat quarters I used for the second basket.
I managed to squeeze out two more by simplifying the pattern even more and making them a bit smaller.
Perfect for sorting some selvages. 
Yes, I hoard those too.
I followed the tutorial at the Pink Penguin HERE. Once you get the hang of them, you can whip one out in about ten minutes (not counting the whip stitching on the inside to close the opening for turning).


  1. I love, love your baskets!! I think that I'm going to have to make a few of them. Thank you for posting the link!!

  2. Are you making one for everyone at GL? LOL!!

  3. These baskets are sooooo cute! Wish I had someone to make them for!