Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August UFO Hopeful!

I think it's about time I get my little Temecula Summer Sampler top finished. I was looking for something that wouldn't take an enormous amount of time since it's getting close to the end of summer and my flower garden is in dire need of TLC.
I'm thinking a simple all over quilting design will be nice--then I can wash it and turn it into a snuggle-y throw.

I haven't posted any of these little 365 Challenge blocks for a while, but I'm pretty happy that I've managed to keep up.

I'm currently doing two projects that consist of three inch finished blocks. This "T" block is from the Temecula Circa 2016. Some blocks are more challenging than others, for sure....

....but not "crazy" challenging like some of the 365 Challenge blocks.
The little "T" is part of a 365 Challenge block.

Like I said---crazy!!!
This project has definitely been a skill builder!

Since the stitching on my Crazy Flower Garden Mat is almost complete, I figured I better get some new hand stitching prepped. It's the perfect time to stitch up some watermelons!
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  1. I like all your projects (especially the T blocks) and think its great you've been able to keep up with the 365 Challenge! I thought about joining but realized I have way too many projects to finish.

  2. You've probably tackled the hardest part and that is deciding what to finish up next. It's a sweet choice and hopefully won't take too long.

  3. Love the blue setting blocks for the Temucula design. It looks like the blue in a quilt I have of my mother's made in the 1950's.

  4. Crazy, but I LOVE the 365 T block!
    Your Summer Sampler blocks are beautiful set in blue, and a good finish for August. Cute watermelon too, I am curious to see those!

  5. I'm always impressed at how you stick to getting your UFOs finished. Have fun with these wonderful projects. Your sampler quilt will make such a lovely snuggly throw.