Friday, June 19, 2015

Show Quilts--the End!

I took this photo last night so it isn't the greatest--sorry!
 This is the first part of the ThimbleCreek mystery solution. Joe is having computer issues, so the rest of the setting will have to wait. So far, I am loving it!
 On with the show!
I promised traditional quilts, so here they are:

I loved the simplicity of this quilt and the quilting was awesome!

Again, very simple, but effective. 

Lovely quilting!

The quilting and applique on this Dresden was beautiful.

I just loved the scrappy-ness of the this quilt--you know I love scrappy!!

Another exquisite quilt by Kathy Munkelwitz.

It was fun to see an entire area devoted to Farmer's Wife quilts.
I especially liked the setting on this one with the alternate blocks set on point.

This was a favorite for me, because someday I plan to make one of my own--fingers crossed!
The maker was inspired by a museum quilt.

The quilting was special too.

Guess what??
You can find the free pattern for this beautiful quilt on Karen H.'s blog,  Faeries and Fibres HERE.
Pretty awesome of her to share the instructions for some of her incredible quilts, huh

As I was tidying up, I found this cheese box and a ruler box of half inch hexies.
 Of course, I have no idea what the plan was for them, so I'm guessing it was for Stars in the Garden. It's been on my bucket list for quite a while. We'll see how far I get this time around....
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  1. Hello Karen.... really love your Thimble Creek Mystery block... I can understand why you feel pleased! Then my oh my.... what stunning quilts from the show. The piecing and quilting are absolutely exquisite! Thank you for sharing your lovely photographs. Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  2. Some really nice quilts.
    You will probably have Stars in the Garden done long before I will have mine completed. I love the quilt, but I don't enjoy doing hexies.

  3. Love how the mystery block turned out ... and what a find on those hexies! I am so impressed with your hexie skills ... I'm not sure my fingers are nimble enough any more to work with 1/4" hexies. ;-)