Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Slight Miracle!

You suggested--I listened!
And miraculously, I found some opaque deep yellow beads at the little variety store a few miles from my home. I wasn't too optimistic that I would be able to find the right color or size of bead, so I feel pretty lucky. They even had matte black beads that will be perfect for eyes, etc. in the future.

I'm very slowly getting the rounds attached to my mystery quilt.
(That out-most border isn't sewn yet). It takes a while to decide on color placement and to match all those seams. Lots more borders to come!



  1. Wow--how lucky you were on the beads! I shopped at a true craft store for mine and I'm still not sure I got what I wanted. Haven't sewn them on yet to see the effect.
    What a wonderful R/W/B quilt.

  2. The mystery quilt was a lot of sewing but is going to be just perfect for summer because of the red, white, and blue colors.

  3. The beads are perfect - they really do look like seeds!
    Can't wait to see the finish on your mystery.

  4. Your strawberry looks just perfect and I love how the mystery quilt is taking shape! Can't wait to see the next borders! :) x

  5. Great idea with the beads. Love your mystery quilt. It has some wonderful design elements,

  6. Well done with finding the right beads. Looking good!
    Great to see the mystery quilt growing!