Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lotsa Lemoynes!

I'm so happy everyone managed to get at least one Lemoyne Star done in the class I taught on Friday. It was a fun afternoon! 
Here are some of the blocks in various states of completion:

 There were seven people in the class and I only have photos of five stars--not sure how that happened! 
To compensate, I'll share Dawn's adorable Buttermilk Basin block that she brought to class:

I finally got around to finishing my block too--not as cute as Dawn's little bird, but done is good!
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  1. Beautiful star blocks... they look quite tricky to make and they all look perfect.... must have a good teacher! ;) Love the wool blocks too... very pretty! :) x

  2. Looks like a great technique and productive students. Along with a good teacher.

  3. did you oversize the blocks and then trim? Cheryl

  4. And every one with a perfect center! Your students had a good instructor!

  5. These are great stars and the wool blocks are lovely too.