Monday, March 31, 2014

Waffle Time

This year I have been trying so hard not to join in on a lot of Sew Along's.
I'm still attempting to finish up all of the projects that I started last year, but I can feel myself weakening! 
I've been toying with the idea of starting the Di Ford mystery in Quiltmania--okay, more than toying. I have to confess that I've made all the applique templates but haven't made it any further than that.
If I get started on this, I'll be using fabrics from my stash--probably definitely in brighter colors than these.
The little circle in a square border is part two from the latest issue #100.

I also signed up for a Crazy Quilt class from Kathy Shaw.
 I've always admired crazy quilting, so when she offered a free online class, I jumped on it. It's been fun to work on new stitches and she has some great tips. Luckily for me it's just a small project!
My Crazy Quilt block before adding any stitching or embellishment.
Kathy sent instruction for the block we will practice on--
this is about the size of a sheet of printer paper and basted onto muslin.
This class is closed now, but she will be offering it again later in the year.

Now I'm feeling myself getting sucked into the Triangle Sew Along from the Sassy Quilter--looks like a fun way to use my Grant Park fat quarters!
The fabric requirements call for third yards but fat quarters can also be used.
Check it out HERE

Step one was to starch and press our fabrics.
It takes a lot longer to complete step one than the cutting in step two!
We need 204 triangles for the quilt top.
I used 26 fat quarters and could comfortably cut 8 triangles from each of them. That gave me a few extras to play with.
I stacked 4 fabrics at a time so the cutting went very quickly.
My 60 degree ruler doesn't have a blunt tip, so I had to find a line on my ruler so I had a flat quarter inch at the top of my 6" strips when cutting the triangles.
Ready for Step Three!
This is going to be a fun one.


  1. I hear you. Those quilt alongs that tempt you are also very tempting to me. We have the same taste. I have more temptation if you need any.

  2. Cool. Is you crazy quilt going to be all soft neutrals? That's going to be really pretty. Make sure you keep us updated, Karen!