Monday, March 24, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust!

Yay! My Country Threads 2014 Block of the Month quilt is finished.
 I call her Scrappy Happy since she is definitely scrappy and she makes me happy--happy to have used up some of my stash-haha!
I ended up appliqueing my initials and the year finished in that big hole in the center.
You may have noticed that the outer checkerboard doesn't work out in two of the corners. That's the way it's written in the finishing instructions and at first it really bothered me. I knew if I added a one inch inner border, I could get it to work out "correctly", but later decided to just go with the mismatched corners. I think it adds to the "make-do" feel of the quilt.

I skipped the Breezy Point Sew-In last week so I could get Scrappy Happy  loaded onto my HQ16.
There were a couple hours spent pressing the top and backing.
I removed zillions of threads--those home spun fabrics are ravel-y!
I put a new needle in my machine, oiled her up, and wound multiple bobbins.

The following day, I planned to be up bright and early to get Scrappy Happy quilted.
Oops--hair appointment on the calendar!
 I didn't get started quilting until almost noon,
but the Cinnamon Roll quilting goes really fast (and it's fun!).
Scrappy Happy was ready to bind by dinner time.

My thread choice may have been a little light for some areas,
but I'm trying to use up the massive amount of King Tut "Sands of Time" that I have in my thread stash--more making-do! 

I used up scraps and left over pieced units on the back.
The label is made from a couple of extra half square triangles.
That large plaid was a 2 yard piece I picked up for $4--yeah!!
I guess you can tell I just kind of slapped it all together. I was more worried about it being square rather than how it looked.

Displaying dscn1389.jpg
Karen from Log Cabin Quilter sent me her latest blocks--she is right on schedule!
She's also working on an awesome basket quilt that I am dying to start--
check out her site for a link!!

Here's a heads up if you haven't heard about the Kansas City Star book program. Every Thursday they have one of their books for sale at 75% off with free shipping. After you purchase 5 books, you will get a book of your choice for free! This week's book (expires B/4 Thursday) is Minick and Simpson's Victory Girls.

I've been eyeing this book for quite a while and this week it's only $6.24!
You must enter the code BOBBINS75 to get the deal.
I advise signing up for their newsletter, so you get an alert every Thursday.
I have 3 books to go before I get to pick my free one....


  1. Great quilt, Karen - I love that you "made do" and especially love the back which looks like it could hold its own as a Modern Quilt!

    Thanks for the heads-up about the KCS books. I'm a bit of a book addict, so I guess I need to go there now and check it out.

  2. What a great finish! I love the homespun/make do look. I totally agree with you about the border. It would have bugged me, too, until I figured out that I liked it. Thanks for the info about the book. I've seen something on Facebook about Bobbins books, but I didn't read about it. Now I'm informed and have ordered my copy of Victory Girls.

  3. Love everything about this quilt - the scrappy front - the extra blocks used on the back - and the label too. And you used one of my favorite quilting designs

  4. Gorgeous quilt, Karen, both front and back. I, too, love your make-do attitude.