Monday, March 10, 2014

Stitch Society

The first Stitch Society meeting last week was a lot of fun! 
Theresa is our leader and she gave us a lot of tips on needles and doing wool applique.
Over the next year, we will get patterns for 180 appliques that fit on a hexagon shape.  
We also get a project pattern each month.Our first project was a notebook cover to keep all our fun stuff safe.
This is the version that Theresa made-so cute! She recommended we use the paisley motif as it's seasonally neutral--great idea! There were a few kits available, but I opted to use my own fabrics.

This is my notebook cover.
I used fabrics that I had purchased a couple years ago in a remnants bag from a local quilt shop.
The Plexiglas templates are what we will be using to cut our hexagons for various projects.

I had the wool pieces in my "woolly" stash and was finally able to use a pretty variegated Cosmo thread that I have had for ages.
Theresa also recommended we not surround the hexagon with beads as shown in the project pattern because of the wear and tear our notebook will get over the year. I think that was a good call too.

I added pockets to my cover--not sure why that wasn't in the pattern--gotta have pockets!!

We also get these stitch instructions every month. These will be cut out using our large template and put into a book.
There's also a monthly recipe!
 Theresa's sister, who runs Gruber's Cafe will be making them up each month for us to taste test. The pumpkin bread was awesome!

This is our project for next month in process--the book for our stitch instructions.
Theresa is attaching beads all the way around.

I think it's going to be a fun year!


  1. I would love info on joining tha Stitch Society. I belong to a Wool Group that.meets at Stitch In Time Quilt Shop in Franklin NC. I think our group would love to participate in the Stitch Society if possible. Thanks in advance for any info you can share!

  2. Is there a way to get access to the Stitch society hexagon patterns, thanks