Friday, March 21, 2014

Simply Red March Recap

Spring 2014: Day 2
This was the view from my sewing room this morning.

And this is a shot of my lilacs as I was leaving home this morning--
I'm pretty sure there are lots of broken branches under all that snow. 

We had a wide variety of Simply Red blocks on Monday. 
It's fun to see so many interpretations of the same pattern. The group was a little larger this month due to better road conditions--by next month we should have a full house! 
fused with straight stitched edges

fused Minick and Simpson wool

more fused blocks

and another house block....

bright orange with gray
If you are following the Stitch Therapy schedule, continue working on piecing the half square triangles and do the stitching on the pages 6 and 7 blocks:


  1. Love all of these blocks - the wool is just perfect!

  2. Yikes. That's a lot of snow. I love the red felt house.