Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stitch Frenzy

This has been a crazy week of hand stitching!

Last weekend, I finished up the embroidery on my practice crazy quilt block. It was fun to try out different stitches that I hadn't used in ages. Many years ago (too many to recount), Avon used to sell crewel embroidery kits. My local Avon Lady hired me to stitch up some of the kits as sales samples. It was a fun little job for a "stay at home" Mom. I learned to do a lot of embroidery stitches to complete those projects and some of those stitches are showing up in the Crazy Quilt class.
Now that the stitching is finished, we will be adding lace, ribbon embroidery and beading.

On Monday the last block of Quilty Fun was posted and it 
 also included a little embroidery.
I just finished up that pincushion too--more fun stitches!
The bee block completed the center of the quilt.
I'm "testing" fabric from my stash for the borders.
One of the adorable Bertie blocks by Bonnie Sullivan of All Through the Night
Wednesday afternoon I taught an embroidery class at Colorz for Quilts. We practiced some of the unusual stitches that will be used in the Bertie Through the Year blocks, a program that starts up in April at Colorz.
This is for you, Linda!!

Thursday I realized it was only 7 days away from my next Stitch Society meeting and I hadn't done any of my hexagon designs aside from the one I put on my notebook cover.
Some of these blocks are very labor intensive--luckily there are a few that will be pretty simple too!

Today I am taking a breather from hand stitching and doing some major cleanup in the sewing room!

(the Avon link above goes to my friend Del's page. She is a "stay at home" Mom with lots of little ones. I love to order my favorite Avon products online--with a $35 purchase you get free delivery right to your door! That's not an endorsement--just a happy customer.) 


  1. I loved those Avon Crewel kits. I made the Noah's Arc one and it is sitting in a box somewhere. I never got it framed but I still think it's adorable. I had a great time stitching it. Your projects look great, you are so inspiring.

  2. I had no idea that Avon ever sold needlework kits. That's a far step from cosmetics.