Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I'm pretty excited this week! 
Way back in 2013 (okay, it was December, so not that long ago actually) I signed up for the Stitching Society group at Gruber's Quilt Shop.
Wool hexagons embroidered with adorable designs!
This Thursday is the first meeting and it will continue into 2015. I'm praying for good driving weather since it's a 90 minute drive for me. 
To see a little more of what it's about, click HERE. I happen to know that it's not too late to join in the fun, so give Grubers a call! 

 I think I'm behind on posting my Quilty Fun blocks:
Not sure if I showed the houses yet--if so, here they are again!

The left side is sewn!

The butterflies.

This weeks block: the spools.

I've been working diligently getting all those half square triangle filler blocks made and finally  have my Country Threads 2013 BOM top together. I moved a couple things around, but not too much. I love how scrappy it is, but that big hole in the center (huge churn dash block) is begging for a little doctoring. I have a couple ideas for a cure--still mulling it over though--any thoughts? 


  1. All your projects look so fresh and exciting! Looks like its going to be a busy year, Karen.

  2. I have placed hearts in my churn dashes before, but that may be too cutesy. I think it looks perfect!

  3. Love those embroidered hexis, so homely and warm looking.
    fabulous block finishes there and gosh thats a beaut Country Threads top!
    That centre block looks too pale to me with all those lovely rich colours round it.
    Id be temtped to applique over the grey and make it a design applique feature, cutting out the grey behind it maybe? A not quite 3D centre piece? lol Although maybe you could enliven its colour with hand embroidery in rich toning shades along the grey panels in a perle maybe?

  4. Karen, Hi I am Carol I also am taking the beginner crazy quilt class over at Kathy's. I am looking forward to getting to know you ladies and have a lot of fun making some beautiful art.

    Your work is very pretty. Sounds like you are already having a lot of fun. I have become a follower . Looking forward to see what you are up to next. Carol