Monday, May 13, 2013

And Another Thing...

Aurifil Thread on cones can be ordered from J. Hittle 
A lot of quilters wanted to know where to get Aurifil on a cone and I neglected to add that to my previous post. So sorry!! I purchase my cones from an online seller: J. Hittle. They are a whole-seller,  but also sell to regular customers at a discount price. Just enter your email in the popup box and check casual sewer. Then you can search for Aurifil on the left-hand side bar. The cones that they carry only come in about 7 neutral colors. I don't believe they accept credit cards, but they do use PayPal (or you can send a check or money order). If you get together with a couple friends (or you really stock up) shipping will be free for orders over $100.

I'm not affiliated with them, just a pleased customer. I have ordered from them numerous times and have always been happy with my order.

Grandmother's Choice Block #37: Nameless Star
I've been working on my split stars (18 of 48 to go) but managed to squeeze in the latest Grandmother's Choice block--a very easy one for this week!

Since it's getting close to graduation, I wanted to share some photos of a quilt Jan worked on at quilt camp. I believe she said this quilt would be a gift to her Grandson for his graduation. Whatever the occasion, I think any guy would love to get this quilt as a gift!

Off to a good start! 
This is a shot of all the blocks put together laying on the carpet.
It almost felt like you could walk into the mazes. 
Careful! Don't fall in!
Jan hung it up on the wall so we could get the full effect. She planned to add some borders.
The original pattern was for a square quilt, but she added some blocks to make it bed size. 
Labyrinth Walk  pattern from the April/May issue of Quilt magazine.
Warning: the magazine rates this pattern as Challenging!!

Try using Google to search for "Labyrinth Walk Quilt Images" to see some versions in other colors!


  1. Holy Cow! That quilt is... a--mazing!

  2. Man-oh-man I cannot believe this is a quilt and not a real maze!! fantastic work!! Julierose

  3. Wow, that quilt is simply amazing. It looks like something that my son would love. Really beautiful work.

  4. Love this labyrinth quilt. The magazine back issues are sold out and the designer sends you to AQS, but they don't have any patterns either. I don't know how long they will be on back order but they must be selling like hot cakes. Sure wish I was a subscriber. Heavy sigh!