Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Slow Learner?

I've had an Electric Quilt program installed on my computers for years. I started with Electric Quilt 4. Every time there was an update, I upgraded and now have Electric Quilt 7 installed on my laptop. 

I've never designed my own pattern or blocks--not that I didn't try.
I could figure out enough to print instructions for a particular block already in the library or manage to muddle my way through a setting so I would know the dimensions of a pattern I wanted to re-size.

That's about it.
 I would start the lessons in the handbook, but would never make it past the first few. 
It wasn't because the lessons are difficult or hard to understand--I was just lazy!

 Every year I would tell myself that this would be the year I would really learn to use my Electric Quilt program. 

It's not like the Electric Quilt Company doesn't offer lots of free lessons or advice (see their Do You EQ? newsletter). They send out lessons, challenges, free patterns, fabric downloads, and all sorts of tips, but did I pay attention?


It took until May of this year, but I am finally applying myself and I plan to follow along on the EQ7 Summer Drawing Series (and Sew Along) on the EQ blog Behind the Mouse

The first lesson was Easy Draw:

This is the first block we learned to draw.
It's so much faster to do this when you use the right built-in tools.

My sewn block
So far, it's been really fun! 
There has been a mid-month lesson too, 
which is good if you are like me and don't retain information more than a few days (or hours!). 

My mid-month variation block--I really like this one!
There are a couple more variations (right side of photo) that I'm not sure I will sew up into blocks. 
I can't wait for lesson two: Patch Draw, Pieced Layer.


  1. I've had EQ for years - I think I started with 4, but then we switched to a MAC computer and I can't use it any longer without downloading all kinds of programs. It looks like you're having a lot of fun playing around with the blocks!

  2. The idea of using EQ or other similar programs has always fascinated me. Good for you, for making the commitment and taking the time to learn this. I'm too lazy. btw your sewn blocks are quite nice! And do show us what you design!

  3. I I don't EQ but I would need that mid-month lesson for sure!! I love your blocks and look forward to seeing what they become. :0)

  4. I am impressed. I had an early version of EQ on a computer, but not since I got a Mac. It isn't Mac compatible.......or wasn't the last time I checked. Sounds like an excuse, doesn't it :-))

  5. Love your block! So amazing to see how different everyone's block has turned out! I'm hoping I get more familiar with EQ and actually use it more!

  6. I had to laugh when I read your post. My first thought was "that's ME!!! I could have written that! But the only difference is YOu are now learning and I have not made that commitment YET. But I am close. Won't be able to start till Aug, but I will!
    Good luck and btw, your block looks great.

  7. Well done - I love your two blocks. Isn't this a great idea to help get us more familiar with EQ7?